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Bots Wolf Bots

3. Adding Bots You can add bots using the ingame menu or the console command "bot_connect". Press 'b' or type "/bot_menu"...


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Bots WolfBot

WolfBot 1.0 Linux , 11.9.2003 1. Installation Windows : Extract the ZIP arc...


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Bots Wolf Bots

Version 1.5 (22.9.2003) - PK3 - CFG "bug" fixed - Waypoint Menu Objective 6 bug fixed - added waypoints to axis spawn in mp_chateau...


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Bots Wolfbot Waypoints

Wolfbot Waypoint Pack 1 These are waypoints for the RtCW mod Wolfbot, these waypoints were made by sever...


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Bots RTCW: Fritz Bot

This is an awesome mod to add cool bot support to RTCW. Its real simple to run, unzip into your RTCW directory. Start up rtcw_mp. Goto Op...


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Bots RTCW - FritzBot

Small patch for Fritz Wolf available This small patch addresses a few minor issues that were in 0.53.


Bots Omni-Bot

Omni-bot is an artificial intelligence(AI) controlled opponent for first person shooter games such as ET, Wolf and others.