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Checkpoint Beach Checkpoint

This is the mp_beach map that came with the full retail game (and the RTCW MP Tests), however, this is the Checkpoint multiplayer mod...


Checkpoint Carentan Streets

Note: This map is now considered a final version,a few days agao the author asked us to remove the BETA that we posted and we did. He...


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Checkpoint Norway

Checkpoint: Secure the Norway Base Area. This map is a multiplayer conversion of Norway.bsp (The map with the snow and the submarine :D)...


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Checkpoint TrenchStorm

Like the Infected map you have to load this one from the console by typing /map cp_trenchstorm Like the Infected map this is more of a De...


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Checkpoint Dark

This map is basically one of the final levels from single player converted into a checkpoint map. Worse yet it was the most irritating map...


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Checkpoint Takeover

This is Hotshots first released map(beta) and it's looking very promising, it aint a simple deathmatch or capture the documents style map....


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Checkpoint Flooded Ruins

Allied/Axis Objectives: Capture and hold as many flags as possible before the time runs out.


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Checkpoint Town

Checkpoint style map created for the "grid 2002" competition. This map does not have an overview or any objectives listed in the in-game li...


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Checkpoint Stronghold

Here's another map from my man, zig-zag!!! A rather small map from him this time, 2 camps and a flag, great for practice!!!


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Checkpoint Platforms

This symmetrical map is quite big. The layout is two huge draw-bridges, separated by a large span of water. It can take a long time to get f...


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Checkpoint Hy Tyde =nXs=

An array of walkways cover this symmetrical water-filled map. It's a veritable water-world! The walkways are grates, allowing you to see bel...


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Checkpoint Yellow Terrain

NOTE: This map should be played in MP mode, despite the fact that it has CP-style objectives. Wow, this map looks really good. The text...


Checkpoint Armegeddon

Checkpoint map, originally created for fans of Banimod Goldrush. This map is pretty nice. It has a nice fog effect and looks like it's...


Checkpoint LetGo Mappack

Two checkpoint maps, each constructed out of Legos!


Checkpoint Refinery

"This map is designed with lots of open space and the warehouse is the only location where close-quarters combat can really take place."


Checkpoint Armegeddon

"Axis and Allied forces are attempting to take control of a village in Northern France. The Village is of strategic importance to both side...