Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Allied British Voices RTCW Soundpack Guest 3.25MB 1,786
Achtung Wolfenstein HormonE 4.18MB 1,890
BJ's RnR Mission Det Pak 1.44MB 771
Darkside vs Doctors TSN 20.83MB 681
Lofoten Preview Det Pak 2.51MB 481
RTCW Story {UA}HasufeL 456KB 509
Ring the Alarm Penstar 3.4MB 876
Stormtrooper Stomp Dave Wagner 4.23MB 560
Ralph Move SubstandardJones 7.68MB 854
Good Game jeroen de moor 3.88MB 487
SDM Sound Pack MADAARON>SDM< 794KB 271
>SdM< Soundpack Guest 1.47MB 1,122
Wolfplayer (WinAmp Skin) Guest 191KB 517
Medic Medic (I'm an engineer) Beacon515L 1.75MB 523
SBA weapsounds wildturkeyww 932KB 112
sbaweapsounds2 wildturkeyww 938KB 35
sbaweapsounds3 wildturkeyww 938KB 51
AGDC Movie Guest 43.24MB 2,552
Intro Cinematic Movie Guest 5.47MB 1,553
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Trailer Gray Matter Studios 33.69MB 4,886
Forest Walkthrough Movie Guest 35.1MB 8,762
Clan War The Legioniers of Sweden 1.39MB 5,328
Rockpath Chico State Dude 963KB 1,676
Mitchell Down Rummie 50.52MB 1,529
Mitchell Down Trailer (MPEG Version) Rummie 11.77MB 842
LavaMan's Map Movie LaVaMan 7.82MB 697
Empire vs Phx Shake ES 6.85MB 1,134
Mitchell Down Web Movie Rummie 19.03MB 686
Egypt Fiesling 5.8MB 1,249
Mountain Assault Teaser Movie Nib 7.49MB 642
Sway Herman 38.03MB 360
Philadelphia Experiment Teaser Rummie 13.99MB 493
NinjaPlants Guest 22.8MB 686
Toxicity Trailer CptnTriscuit 19.43MB 391
One Step Beyond Jump Video sk|spider 157.4MB 4,111
Sabotage [NW]Knuckles 28.58MB 1,805
Apicalypse MehuKatti 73.6MB 2,622
Special Edition Maps Teaser Rummie 37.06MB 1,089
Ingenieur C-Drik 50.33MB 826
xXx Clan Video -xXx-JoMama 25.93MB 1,222
HeadShot Night [NW]Knuckles 46.83MB 2,962
Squish {DP}Eville Bob 2.39MB 373
Deninja Part 2 "Rocketstalker" Demanufacturer 10.06MB 704
RTCW - Back To The Future Edition Evert Jonker 81.87MB 942
CCCC Clan Movie Kure 69.69MB 1,377
Ten Reasons You Play Too Much Return to Castle Wolfenstein Area42 36.6MB 12,624
The Wolf Movie XoR, NemesiS 62.21MB 687
Nightmare Clan Video =NMC=Pandmm 36.97MB 612
ABA Clan Movie ABA Clan 85.19MB 2,745
The Venom []Maitrenain 60.14MB 964