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All Files In This Category
Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Limbo Script (Class Select) F3arLeSS 6KB 6,124
Plan B Dustin4227 1KB 1,286
Respawn Quickly [tes]Storm 861B 3,083
Bani-Mod Class Script Hitman 6KB 231
Bani Class Script Hitman 105KB 1,221
Voice Comms Script F3arLeSS 3KB 4,954
RTCW Radio Binder Nero 1.55MB 1,786
RTCW Radio Binder Nero 54KB 1,185
German GameVoice Script for RTCW I[chi]ban 11KB 2,024
RTCW Radio Binder Nero 1.57MB 4,630
NewVoice WolfUmbra 3KB 1,394
EasyChat OutCast 63KB 1,246
Demo Toggle ]CkB[ikonis 779B 2,397
Multiplayer Script gLk*zaP 126KB 6,038
STaDown Stormbringer 888B 1,536
Trackstar Stormbringer 673B 1,346
Clean Screenshot Stormbringer 45KB 1,971
Long Jump Ätty 584B 9,558
Cheat Hotkeys Ätty 628B 3,515
Level Selector (Updated) Ätty 18KB 1,299
RTCW cfg Tweak coffee 4KB 6,325
JPEG Screenshot Guest 330B 1,406
Third Person Mad Ad 2KB 2,117
Preset Binds COLDSTEEL 4KB 880
Scripts for Grenades, Mouse, Clean Screenshots, and Volume COLDSTEEL 4KB 2,124
Ultimate Screenshot COLDSTEEL 1KB 1,701
Fieldglass Stormbringer 896B 1,003
Fastwriter [SH] Braindead 13KB 343
Fastwriter [SH] Braindead 13KB 447
Fastwriter Basic [SH] Braindead 14KB 1,204
Menu Script Mindblade 2KB 1,160
Fastewriter Funbox [SH] Braindead 3KB 898
The Script Aurellie 5KB 1,384
Spawn Timer TMildorf 156KB 7,721
Config-Nomad Nomad 35KB 533
Demo Cam ymmiJ 3KB 619
Nomad-Config Nomad 472KB 1,843
Grentoss ]CkB[ikonis 1KB 1,156
Auto-Stuff ]CkB[ikonis 2KB 7,015
Team Sniper Stormbringer 948B 4,377
Tracer Bullet Effect Ätty 400B 9,264
Special Drop Dustin4227 1KB 2,133
Weapons Management with the Mouse JazzTbone 981B 1,131
Special Weapons Only Script CrazyEddie 2KB 900