Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Single Player

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All Files In Return to Castle Wolfenstein Single Player
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Single Player WolfenChics

Globally replaces the InfantrySS models with Elite Guard models so that every time there normally would be an infantry you'll see an Elit...


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Single Player Full Scopes

Provides full view when you use the binoculars and rifle scopes.


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Single Player Clear Snooper

Provides a natural light and wider angle view when you use the snooper scope.


Single Player Warbabes

Single-player skin pack.


Single Player Pharaoh's Curse - single player

All levels are inside Egyptian Pyramids with a creepy ambiance. You will combat zombies and Warzombies in the beginning until the last level...


Single Player Flying Saucers

This mission pack is a fantastic adventure having as background the mystical flying saucers.About Russian soldier whose name Alex Barbariski...


Single Player Pharaoh's Curse_v1.1

This modification single player contain six levels with Egyptian environments.


Single Player Dark Matter's_ENG

Your target: find and rescue the captive agent, and if there is no chance to save him, then your objectives are- to eliminate all resistance...


Single Player The Dark Army - Uprising

This episode single player brings again our hero B.J. Blaskowitz fighting against Deathshead's dark army.


Single Player The Dark Army: Uprising_v1.1

Deathshead is back to unleash the power of an ancient artifact through the uprising of his new mechanical troops — will B.J. Blaz...