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Tutorials Mapping Tutorials

This is a very useful and well made tutorial. The zip itself consists of 2 more zips.. wich both contain all the files needed for the tutor...


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Tutorials SP Map Demonstration

Includes sample .map and script files for a SP map. This is a very simple SP map I created to teach myself about ai, moving object...


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Tutorials Hot Talk

"You are in a small room with sexy Eva, the hooker from RTCW. I got her talking like a hooker SHOULD talk (I guess). Walk up to her and use...


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Tutorials MML Church Source (.map file)

This is the source file for MML Church.


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Tutorials Facility

Mapper SiX was unable to release this map due to technical difficulties that couldn't be resolved. As a result, he has kindly provided the...


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Tutorials Stalingrad Wolf

Author desribes this map as a map of the Russian city of Stalingrad.


Tutorials Modifying a BSP File (Binary Space Partitioning)

(note to the admins: the previouse release had corrupt images, sorry about that.) Have no map source Files? No problem, edit the BSP! T...