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Video The Lions Den - Good Game

General action with clan TLD on mp_ice. Just over 5 1/2 minutes long.


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Video The Just whisper project

An awsome fragging movie by Knight and demon, This is worth checking out *PLEASE NOTE* This file is 100mb+ and is only recommended if yo...


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Video 4Kings Movie Trailer

f o u r - k i n g s present ...


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Video The Only Easy Day

Action from several TWL and CAL matches with the Naked Warriors. Just under 19 minutes in length, and set to some great music.


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Video When RTCW was Born

The first part of the movie is a glimpse back to the early days of rtcw and how (crappy?) the game was played then. Some nostalgic moments,...


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Video Herr Renz

The first movie in the "Herr Renz"-series, BETATEST is like the name says a test... i made this one to learn how to work with the progra...


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Video Idle Style

By: Gza & Inz Featuring: See Video for Cast list Duration: 2 Minutes 7 Seconds new style rtcw movie:) by Clan Idle


Video Disturbed

Disturbed Produced by : Binarybiscuit ( Release Date : 20/08/03 Duration : 10:29 Size : 185mb Prog...


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Video NEVER SAY NEVER - a Four Kings.RTCW Trick Jump Movie

This trick jump movie began life as content for the 4k.rtcw movie, however was dropped into its own movie because the team didn't think i...


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Video Dancing in the Beach

Description: The video was recorded as a spectator in the mp_beach map and has two differenced parts. The first one is about the wall jump...


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Video Panzahmovie 2

/-\-/-\-/ Info Name: FrogPanzah2.avi Title: Panzahmovie 2 Author: Frog aka AmmoX Co-Publisher: Demanufacturer Codec: Divx 5.0.5...


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Video Uber

Readme: This is the first official WolfMasters clan movie. It has 3 sections; gibs, jumps, and v583's. this movie was created and edi...


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Video The Search For Sachmo: Edited Version

The Search For Sachmo: Edited Version An RTCW film by the EMT clan. Playable with Windows Media Player 9. file size: 231mb The...


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Video Mult1task 2

Mult1task 2 Duration: 11 min 10 sec Codec: DivX Thanks for dow...


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Video Ownage

Title: Ownage Author: IDLE^GZA Length: 4 minutes 34 seconds Divx Code Required to Watch Clan Idle: IRC on


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Video UDS: The Movie

.:UDS: The Movie...


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Video Bella Fragialla

Description: There is no big intro like in the Infensus oder 4k Movie. But the frags are not as bad as you might think ;) Info: Aut...


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Video DeGeneration Promo Video!

I must put in my personal opinion about this video - amazing. Utterly amazing. First of all, the cinematography skills in capturing and comp...


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Video DeGeneration Promo Video 2

This is just a short 30 second video promo demonstrating how the Drop Zone works in DeGeneration. This was released in relation with the DeG...


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Video A WiCked Movie

this is RTCW, a walkthrough of ownage. and rock it out!!! most you guys know me as pwnd_nublar but i was WiCked way before then....


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Video WildWest 1.6 Trailer

The release of the WildWest public beta testing for version 1.6 is soon to be here! Until it is hosted, however, the WW Dev team have provid...


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Video RTCW-WildWest trailer

Another great look into the WildWest, a total conversion mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein Thanks to Ignacio, from InSynerate for making...


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Video Wolfenstein Cheaters 2

Once again, the scum of Wolfenstein 1.0 are exposed. This video shows stuff which exposes the cheaters.


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Video KC Classical

Video made for Kitty Carnage 1.0 RTCW server. Almost 2 minutes in length and it shows off some fast gameplay. Quite interesting.


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