It was bound to happen. Someone finally made a kill Hitler map. Its not an altogther bad thing tough. The map starts the Allies in a vall...


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It was bound to happen. Someone finally made a kill Hitler map. Its not an altogther bad thing tough. The map starts the Allies in a valley near a mine to go under the mountain or a rope to go over the mountain. After that is another valley with a very well thought out mansion complete with a garage and baskeball net (but where's the jeep going to drive?). The manson has lots of detail and even incorporates out of the way spots into real paths taken by players. Perhaps it doesn't give the Axis a real choice on where to defend though. Most of the action is around the difficult basement and bunker door. Once the bunker is blown open its just a matter of getting a bullet in the corner (I've gone past two flame throwers and won almost before they could respond). There are so many paths in the mine and tunnels that its easy to get lost at first.

The rest of the map is alright. The spawn points work for the most part. The textures are good and I don't recall any outstanding faults. Because of the nature of the final objective (blow up a simple target) there can be extra trouble from cheaters who blast through was and such. The Hitler model is perhaps to easy to destroy but the door can be a bitch to blast because of defenders so I guess it balances.

This map is alright. For a beta its pretty good.

Drill Sgt Dante


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cd_assassination_beta 0.9 (beta 1)

by Hummer and Ender
Okay, this is the first public release of this map. Thanks to all of those who have helped us get this far. Big thanks to those at planetwolfenstein and for all the mapping help.

Simply drop the cd_assassination_beta.pk3 file into your "main" directory and enjoy!

Allied forces are attempting to assassinate Hitler at his secret mountain installation. Hitler is cornered in a bunker beneath his mansion.

Primary Objective: Breach the main door to Hitler's lair. Destroying the door will give access to the room he is cornered in.
Primary Objective:  Assassinate Adolf Hitler. Hitler is cornered in his underground bunker and must be killed.
Secondary Objective: Destroy boulder blocking cavern entrance. This will allow multiple routes to Hitler's house and bunker.

Secondary Objective: Capture the Trench Deployment Area. This will allow re-enforcements to drop in closer to Hitler's home.


Primary Objective: Defend the entrance to Hitler's lair.

Primary Objective: Protect Hitler at all costs.

Secondary Objective: Prevent Allies from destroying boulder blocking cavern entrance. Preventing them from destroying the blockade will slow them down and give more time to let Hitler escape.

Secondary Objective: Hold the Trench Deployment Area. Doing so will slow Allied re-enforcements and hinder the Allied assault.
Known Bugs:


Still some HOM effects here and there where brushes don't quite meet. Very hard to see unless you know the level as well as us, but they can be distracting at times.

r_speeds could be improved a bit, but hard to deal with in wide open spaces.	

Hitler gibs into x-y-z green, blue and red lines... hard too notice since he dies fast

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