Awareness Training Arena



This extremely small map is intended to be used for training.

This map isn't the next POW_Escape but it is an ok map. The only objective in the map is to kill the other person. This map is probably best with 1 on 1, mabye 2 on 2. The map has 4 equally sized rooms, with walkways connecting them and 2 diagnol walkways connecting the opposite ones. This maps is only for training and it really has no other value. The textures are plain and the design is plain. It might be fun and helpful for a little bit, but it really doesn't have any appeal. Its an ok map, but there are many others that are better.

Reviewed by KoRn-Warrior-



Awareness_Training_Arena v.10 beta
-----An [SE]RaVeNeR Map-----

This map is meant to help with awareness and agility training...
It's small and not too flashy but it's a good first map.
The small passages and multi-room design are what gives the map it's name and purpose...
This is good for clan recruit training and just skill sharpening you can never be too good for this map.
No-matter how much you use this it will always sharpen and define your skills and make you more able to identify fast moving and briefly-seen objects.


        1. Make two folders in your "Main" folder in your RtCW directory, one named "Maps" and another named "Textures".
("C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\Main") or (C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfentein Game of the Year Edition\Main")

        2. Extract the "Atrain.pk3" file into your "C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfentein\Main" folder.

        3. In WolfMP type "/Map Atrain" in the console(Press the tilde button to open the console "` or ~")

        4. Incase "Step 3" doesn't work, Open the "Atrain.pk3" file in "Winzip" or "Pakscape", Extract "Atrain.bsp" and "Atrain.bak" into your "Maps" directory ("C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\Main\Maps"), and Make a folder inside your "Textures" folder named "Blimp", and extract the all the "jpg" files in to that "blimp" folder, then try step 3 again.

You/Anyone are allowed to edit, distribute, or change in anyway that you like, as long as you give credit to [SE]RaVeNeR/[SE]TrEkKsTeR or the "Shadow Empire" clan.

This is a -------------Trekkster inc.®--------------- production and will be treated only as the preceding statement has allowed.
Trekkster inc.® is an unregistered trademark of Trekkster inc.®

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