Axis Complex

This map really good, even if its not entirely conventional. The Allies are trying to steal some documents which are on top of a file cabin...


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This map really good, even if its not entirely conventional. The Allies are trying to steal some documents which are on top of a file cabinet (Who leaves top secret papers right in the middle of a table anyway?). The Allies need to blow atleast one of two doors to get into the Axis base. The first door is easy enough to get but doesn't offer an easy path. There is a forward deployment flag near the original spawn point intended to reduce spawn killing. There is alot of boxes that offer great hiding spots for the Axis in the long corridors. A great spot is right outside the documents room which features a large pilliar. You can go either way aroung the pilliar and trick the deffenders sometimes (I got both CaNNoN and Syke0ne a few times each with this one.). Don't forget to look for the ducts; they can be hard to find.

Technically this map works very well. The spawning seems to work. The doors work. The objectives work. The lighting works. The textures work. Everything seems to work. It even has rolling hills that look very nice.

Drill Sgt Dante


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{X}------------------- MAP INFORMATION -----------------------{X}

MAP NAME: The Axis Complex (axis_complex)

Version: 3.0

Author: Syke0ne


Description: Located in the middle of the german black forest a 
top secret military installation is beeing occupied by the Axis 
SS. Allied forces have have recieved word of this base containing 
a decoder manual to decode the germans enigma machine used to 
transmit top secret messages and coordinates. With the possesion 
of these documents the allies could essentially predict germans 
every move, so the importance of this mission is crucial! Once 
the decoder manual is obtained you must transmit directly to 
churchill using the axis communications room.

Defend the objective! Shnell Shnell!

{X}------------------- MAP INSTALLATION -----------------------{X}

Extract the axis_complex.pk3 file into your RTCW MAIN directory 
e.g.(C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\Main) You can 
then launch it from the MP menu or join a server which has 
axis_complex installed.

{X}-------------------  Special Thanks To: --------------------{X}

BlackHaze // hOp // Quakin' // ydnar // Les // CaNNoN //
And Everyone else who contributed and tested this map,


{X}------------------- MISC. CRAP :P -------------------------{X}

If you have any questions/comments hit me up at 
And if you run an OC48 be sure to add this map to your asenal!

Enjoy the map, and play resposibly! -- Dont Drink And Frag!
--All The Best! -- {hOp} sYkE0ne


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