Axis Female Bikini

A set of 4 bikini's for the Axis female model.


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A set of 4 bikini's for the Axis female model.

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Creation Date :			13/04/2002

Skin Name:			XGIRLS for RTCW_SinglePlayerMode
Author:				MISO SIRU
( based on the efforts of [email protected] )
Email Address:   [email protected]
www :

Say Hello:
It would needs nothing my verbosely explanation, there's a preview pix,
I think it shall be able to make everything clear. And, sure when they are gaming, will be a different hue on colors.

= the way it's working =
simply let this sp_xgirls.pk3 stay at a 'MAIN' folder under RTCW's root,
and, if someday you get tired with it, kick it out there.

Though it's imperfect, but I have spend too much time on it,......
I'm not that kind of pro, and I'll drop them all origin PSD files onto
if someone do make them more inviting, hey pal!!
will you please to let me share yours?

Thanks to Nude Elite skin_patch on
I use the body map which was extracted within it, I didn't ask agreement from author, I just guess....he will not mind about that, right?

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