Axis Lab



Description: Allied Forces have recently learned of a top-secret Axis laboratory hidden in the mountains near Innsbruck Austria. The Germans are developing chemical weapons to be installed in long range missles. They also have an advanced cloning division. The lab in hidden under a farm. Allies objective is to infiltrate the base, discover the location of all lab documentation and transmit them to allied command.



**Map Info
Title				:Axis Lab Beta 1
Filename			:mp_axis_lab_b1.bsp
Game/mod			:Wolfenstein - wolfmp
Author				:Jon Swenson
Email address		        :[email protected]
Clan Web Address		:www.nkelite.com
Additional Credits		:Scripting by: Jason Gardner
**Build Info
Base				:Scratch
Editor(s) Used		        :Wolf Radiant, Corel Photo-Paint
Build time			:3 months
Compile time			:2.5 hours
Extract mp_axis_lab_b1.pk3 into your wolfenstein\main directory.
	Run wolfmp.exe
	bring down console "~" and type...
		/map mp_axis_lab_b1
**Play Information
Single Player           : NO
Cooperative             : NO
Deathmatch              : NO
wolfmp         		: YES
wolfsw       		: YES
wolfcp			: NO
Difficulty Settings     : NO
New Sounds              : YES
New Graphics            : YES
New Music               : NO

**Special Thanks to...
	Nibs Mapper Resource Center for help on scripting

	Mail me suggestions, complaints, comments and or ideas for improvement 
	** known bugs include vis/ fps problems.  Spawning points dont show up on 
spawning menu but are there.

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