Axis Skinpack

This is the second axis skin pack beta version


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This is the second axis skin pack beta version

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Wersja MODa 1.0a

Info :

MP_POISON_MOD contains packets changing Axis models and skins and Allies skins in multiplayer mode.  Axis looks based on the single player soldiers models. 
Allies skins design is inspired by HBO: "Band of Brothers". E "Easies" Company marks have been incorporated. Classes have been differentiate from each other
to help recognition on the battlefield, for easier find medic or L. Other changes are: changed healthpacks for better recognition and Venom Gun design. 
Object's textures were changed, as same as flags/logos for Axis side (objects_pak). Pack is divided on three files, that can work alone. 

Instalation :

There are two versions to download:
Axis, Allies, objects. All shoul be copied to .../Main folder. All files have been tested and are full competent. Each one can work alone.

What packs contains? : 

Axis : (mp_poison_axis_pak1a.pk3)

Changed models [ without coats] new skins for uniforms, faces, backpacks and helmets.

Alies : (mp_poison_alies_pak1a.pk3)

News skins based od "Band of Brothers" - helmets, clothes, backpacks, changed Leuitnant face.

Objects : (mp_poison_objects_pak1a.pk3 -  - mp_poison_objects1a.pk3 

Changed Axis  flags in RTCW logo [ svastikas] in game and limbo mode  flags and logos. Changed US flags.

Boards, doors, trucks with svastikas.

Airplanes and vehicles - changed skins

Modified boards, parts of walls and doors too.

healthpacks - changed skins for better visibility.

Venom Gun : new, steel design

Limbo Menu :

Changed Axis/Alies/Wins font's color . Svastikas in Axis menu.


For clanmates for help in tets, constructive critics. For my Eva, she's gone through last three weeks looking at me donig nothing else then this MODpack ;)

Coming soon:

mp_poison_pak2a : Wehrmacht uniforms (beta pak2a is available for downloading and testing, including female Axis medic!)
mp_poison_pak3a : Polish (Alies) uniforms + new objects pack with polish flags and other symbols.

For more information go to - you'll find there news packs and updates for older ones.! Soon UK version of this page.


author: DarkXeno
[email protected]

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