Axis Zombie Skin



This pak makes the Axis team use the zombie head model/skins from the single player game. Each class has it's own skin for the head. It uses the Axis default trenchcoats as a base. I altered the arm bands, chestpin(666), and some of the backpacks giving them the pentagram logo. All flags, portraits, and UI have also been altered to reflect these changes. Gibs have been changed as well to produce..errr..well, zombie gibs. I also borrowed a couple textures and shaders from Quake III to do the glowing eye effects. A few sounds from George Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" were added in place of the default victory music just for giggles. I opted not to give them helmets but rather to paste their class logo on their heads instead. You might notice that the Soldier's head logo is the twisted cross. Originally they were all gonna be Nazi Zombies but I changed my mind seeing how a buttload of people are offended by this symbol. Of course, then again my satanic pentagram logo might have the same effect on some people, who knows? Somehow the Zombie Soldat never got changed. Sorry if it offends anyone. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these skins as much as I enjoyed making them. Thanks for downloading my 1st skin pak for RtCW!

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