Band of Brothers

Release Notes: The Thompson SMG skin was derived from a Medal of Honor Skin. The credit goes to EA. Smoke grenades can lower F...


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Release Notes:

  • The Thompson SMG skin was derived from a Medal of Honor Skin. The credit goes to EA.
  • Smoke grenades can lower FPS massively. For best performance, lower resolution.
  • Several textures have been used from unknown community sources. If you see an object that belongs to you, please notify the mod team so credit can be attributed.



  • Download the zip files containing the BoB Mod demo.
  • Create a folder called "BoB" in the RtCW directory.
  • Place all of the contents of the zip (3 pk3s, two dlls, and two txts) into the BoB folder
  • Run RtCW, and select the BoB mod from the mod listing.


What's in the BoB Mod Demo:

  • All weapons are stronger and have historically accurate rates of fire. Venom has been modelled after the BAR. Weapon ranges/accuracies/clip sizes have also been remodelled.
  • Scoped removed from the mauser rifle.
  • Running speeds adjusted depending on weapon carried.
  • Reloads allowed while leaning.
  • Syringes can be used underwater.
  • Panzerfaust no longer requires a spinup time. Fires immediately after trigger is pulled.
  • Weapons recoil when fired. Crouching decreases the recoil.
  • Gravity increased (was 800, now 1050).
  • Replaced Airstrikes with Red Smoke Grenades. Medics and Lieutenants have Smoke Grenades.
  • Enhanced locational damage. Legshots will slow a player down. This can be healed by medics.
  • Flamethrower is 2x stronger.
  • Bodies disappear after one minute.
  • Only Americans can start with Thompsons, only Germans can start with MP40s.
  • Medics have no primary weapon.
  • Grenades can be thrown slightly farther.
  • Altered death messages.
  • Repositioned first person models. If you do not like the new ones, type "/cg_ironsites 0" in the console. "/cg_ironsites 2" will enable them.
  • Removed the trails that followed grenades and mortars.
  • Weapons bob more.
  • SMG's produce smoke when fired, accept Sten MKII (Suppressed).
  • Sharpened weapon skins.
  • New thirdperson Thompson model.
  • New knife model, a bayonette.
  • Allied Lieutenants and Soldiers have grenades on torso models.
  • Each class has a unique face.
  • New menu, with new music.
  • As many "Wolf" insignias have been removed as possible, most replaced with Iron Crosses.

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Download '' (7.3MB)

The Band of Brothers Mod Team:
Band of Brothers Realism RtCW Realism Mod DEMO
For RtCW Retail 1.4

Det Pak - Sounds
No1_Sonuk - Models
urgrund - Animations
Subterfuge - Code
CaptainBob1944 - Code/Textures

Smoke Grenades and Recoil tutorials by fretn.
Locational Damage and "Ironsites" by Code3Arena.

Special Thanks: fretn, Code3Arena, Luger9mm, and

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