Band of Brothers 1

First in a series of BoB maps to be released by Nick!

June 6th 1944: D-DAY Easy Company are dropped behind enemy lines in Normandy just...


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First in a series of BoB maps to be released by Nick!

June 6th 1944: D-DAY Easy Company are dropped behind enemy lines in Normandy just ahead of the Allied Assault on Utah and Omaha beachs. However the paratroopers are scattered across the countryside before the designated jumps due to German anti flak fire. Lt. Winters finds himself landing in enemy territory on his drop. Eventually Winters finds himself reunited with members of Easy Company who are scattered across the area as well. Winters and his small group as well as members of the 82nd airborne arrive at a makeshift HQ center.Finding himself forced to command his team once it becomes apparent that Easy's C.O. has been killed in the drop. Winters is given the task of destroying a German garrison which contains 4, 88 artillery guns firing on Utah Beach. Easy Company's performance of the mission is now a text book operation demonstrated at West Point Academy today. Nick aka Lt.Spears has done a pretty good job at recreating the episode and actual events from the series.The German 88 guns are seperated about 150 yards apart in a L shaped defensive bunker position,connected by trenchs.The trenches depths are really well done as with the original historical account of different depths connecting the guns,so be prepared to go from head high coverage to just knee high's a nice touch of realism.Cover on the field isn't available across the open areas so snipers and field combat will be the normal situation for this part of the map.The Allies mission like the real one is to TnT the 4 guns,so a team of engineers will need to work together not to run to blown guns and waste valuable time lost on who is going where. A well organized German team can take to the trenches and defend.Unlike most RtCW maps "Gun Assault" will be an exercise in patience and movement,the treelines and tall hedgerows make seeing the enemy for both sides difficult.While this map may not be considered a typical fragfest winner takes all,this can be used for team training,and I'd say possibly as Clan recruting..a new team of tryouts could take on current members to prove themselves,while "Gun Assault" does have it's team balance and respawn issues you will actually find this one of the best 5 vs 5 or possibly up to 10 per team maps out to play,No this isn't going to appear on a major server hosting 64.It's not intended as that. But a continuing series of maps with stradegy as the principal purpose and skilled players...BoB series should add a new light to RtCW.

*Update I've contacted Nick the maps author and an update is planned to repair some gameplay issues,and some minor fixes. Look for my rating to go up on this afterwards!

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