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Bani Mod 0.03 has been released!!! Please visit Bani's Site for more info. What is bani's RTCW mod?

It's a server-side mod which ad...


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Bani Mod 0.03 has been released!!! Please visit Bani's Site for more info. What is [AV]bani's RTCW mod?

It's a server-side mod which adds many new features to stock RTCW.

Server-side means that clients don't have to download or install anything in order to play on servers running the mod.

Admins now have much more control over their servers, and can decide how much control players may have over game parameters. Admins may allow players to vote to change gravity, speed, and other physics of the game. Individual maps and commands may be locked out. anti-spawnkilling mechanisms are available. Various cheats have been eliminated. Logging of game events has been improved.

Gameplay changes Sten damage increased from 14 to 18 to compensate for overheating.

Pistols (colt, luger) now fire underwater.

Helmets reduce headshot damage from 50 to 25. (mauser snipers can still kill with headshots though)

Engineers can now shoot their own dynamite. (shooting dynamite won't trigger objectives though)

Players on your own team can't defuse your own dynamite.

Unscoped mauser is now as accurate as an mp40. (unscoped damage reduced from 80 to 60)

No knockback effects on newly-spawned players.

The admin may choose to extend invulnerability time for newly-spawned players. Using a weapon forfeits your invulnerability.

Enemy fire on newly-spawned players increases their invulnerability time.

The admin may choose to enable an anti-spawnkilling feature -- if you try to kill a newly spawned player within an admin-specified time period, you take the damage instead.

Airstrikes will now randomly arrive within 2-6 seconds, instead of a fixed 1 second.

New callvotes available to players: (server admin may disable any of these features at their discretion)

Unlagged If you feel that unlagged is having an adverse effect on your gameplay, you may disable it. /callvote delag 0 to disable unlagged mode /callvote delag 1 to enable unlagged mode

Instagib weapon mode - unscoped mausers that kill with 1 shot /callvote g_instagib 1 to enable instagib mode /callvote g_instagib 0 to disable instagib mode

Goldrush game type - only works on checkpoint maps * kill the enemy and steal their gold * take your collected gold to the nearest flagpole to cash in * the more gold you cash in at once, the more you score * the team with the most points at the end of the round wins * depending on admin settings, gold may weigh you down /callvote g_goldrush 1 to enable goldrush game mode /callvote g_goldrush 0 to disable goldrush game mode

Engineers, medics can now choose mp40 or thompson as default smg /callvote mp40 to choose mp40 /callvote thompson to choose thompson

Players may choose to handicap themselves /callvote handicap 50 reduces damage you inflict by 50%

Players can now vote to change various game physics: /callvote g_gravity 800 to change gravity to 800 (default) /callvote g_speed 320 to change speed to 320 (default) /callvote g_knockback 1000 to change knockback to 1000 (default) /callvote g_airaccuracy 1 enables accurate fire while in mid-air (eg for low-grav matches) /callvote g_airaccuracy 0 disables accurate fire while in mid-air

Players can now vote to evenly shuffle the teams: /callvote shuffle_teams evenly shuffles the players between teams

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