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This mod is completely server-side. Players don't need to download anything to benefit from it's features.

Banimod is a server-side mod w...


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This mod is completely server-side. Players don't need to download anything to benefit from it's features.

Banimod is a server-side mod which fixes many of the existing bugs and cheats in stock RTCW. For admins, banimod provides many new powerful features for controlling your servers. For players, banimod introduces unique new gametypes, player classes, and game modes. Every feature in banimod is optional and can be completely disabled if desired.

Cheat fixes: The sniper no-recoil cheat The "unkickable players" cheat The ff-off team-switch cheat The vsay cheat The same-team disarm dynamite exploit The engineer mg42 exploit The mg42 suicide bug

Features for players: Neil Toronto's "unlagged" code is integrated into the server, which makes the game playable for narrowband clients. New game types - Goldrush, Assassin, King Of The Hill, Dynamite the Hill, and Ultra Checkpoint. New player classes - Commanding Officer, Spy, Scout, Rocket Pilot New weapon modes - instagib, headshot-only, poison knives Low grav gameplay is now possible though the cvar g_airAccuracy and g_persistentgravity Dynamite can now be shootable by the engineer who dropped it

Fearures for admins: Administrators may grant "semi admin" access to give individuals limited server control without having to give full rcon access. Individual maps may be locked out. Tired of mp_beach? Lock it out! Individual votes may be locked out. Want to enable kick votes but disable map and gametype changes? It is now possible! A powerful game menuing system is available. Admins may allow players to vote to change gravity, speed, and other physics of the game. Llamas and muppets making your pub servers intolerable? Anti-spawnkilling and anti-camping mechanisms are available. Extended verbose logging of game events is available.

To install:

Win32: Make a directory at the same level as your wolfenstein/main directory called bani, eg wolfenstein/bani and put the qagame_mp_x86.dll file there. Start up the server as usual but with the addition of +set fs_game bani on the command line.

Linux: Make a directory ~/.wolf/bani and put the file there. Add the parameter +set fs_game bani to your server commandline.

See Bani's Site for further information.

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These files are the exact menu files used on Budget Internet 1. They demonstrate most of the features of game menuing and should give ideas of what's possible with menuing. You should probably change the sv_hostname in the gamescripts before using :-)

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