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Here is the light version of ZyCrone's popular and action packed multiplayer map BasOr2; This version is smal...


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Here is the light version of ZyCrone's popular and action packed multiplayer map BasOr2; This version is smaller then the original, but still contains all of the Wolf goodness to enhance your gaming experience! The Basor 2 light version also now works with the RTCW OSP mod.

You still have the same challenges, The Allies have broken into a secret base somewhere in somewhere! The BasOr is an Axis-Fortress surrounded by a small town. The enemies must get in through the West-Wall, planting dynamite charges to get inside the fascinatingly large complex riddled with secret passages, tunnels & ducts. And capture the flag which is on the roof.

Another possibility is, they go through the back entrance, which is open but ends near the Axis-Barracks. The secret documents are in the War-Rooms down at B-Level. Allies must steal it and try to transmit it in the Radio-Room, which is also close to the Axis-Barracks.

  • There are 4 Ways from the outside of The BasOr down to the War-Rooms:
  • Through the Stockroom, requires an engineer!
  • Through the Elevator
  • Through the Back Stairway
  • Through the Ducts

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download '' (3.45MB)

Installing/Uninstalling the map: 
After downloading the PK3 file, place it into the "Return To Castle Wolfeinstein/main/" directory. Delete any previous mp_the_betabasOr files you might have, which can cause error in loading the maps. To uninstall simply delete the file from the /main/ directory. 

Map info: 
Title:..................The Basor
Filesize:...............15.0 MB (15,733,707 bytes)
Release Date:...........Apr 15, 2003
Email Address:[email protected]
Recommended Players:....10-64
Game : Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer

The Real Story: map info

Started learning program GTK-Radiant I guess it was in October 2002. BasOr started some days later. Took about 6 months. I had no visions or something i just started to draw a room and added some others models, deleted some, added some, etc. 

The name BasOr was created in a conversation with /430n, how could it be else. What it means is clear I guess, if not ... not my fault, use your brains. 

-Gilles of Battlefield Europe for motivating me to remake the original version, reverse the map and helping me with testing the map till the final-version.
-Mikultra and Crimson Plug for mapping-help.
-Aeon, Dot an Cadea for map-testing

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