Here is a re-make for the origianl map. As far as I can tell, it reverses the roles that the axis and allies play. Definitely looks like an...


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Here is a re-make for the origianl map. As far as I can tell, it reverses the roles that the axis and allies play. Definitely looks like an awesome map though, so get it now! :rock: Also be sure to check the readme for more details.

SCREENSHOTS: To make all our lives easier, just click this link for screenies! It also has some awesome info about the map.

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Download '' (15MB)

BasOr2 - MP Level for Return to Castle Wolfenstein by Zycrone.
 -This pk3 file includes the reversed version in which the BasOr is defended by the Allies and the Axis need to     transmit the war-documents. The revision is done for Battlefield Europe (
What's new?:
 This map has been recreated from mp_basor.pk3 for better game playing. The changes are:
 - Secret passages have been removed :(
 - Flag location moved out of shippinghall to roof
 - Spawn points and spwan times adjusted for better balance
 - New textures and completely restyled builings
 - Some rooms removed for better overview of the map
 - All important rooms with obj,documents and spawns (except the outer spawn in town) have wooden textures now 
 - Alarm sirens are turned on by taking the documents and turned off when returned
 - More caulking for better performance
 - Reversed Map for BE "BasOrĀ² =BE=" included
Map description:
 - Allies/Axis have broken into a secret base ! The BasOr is an Fortress surounded by a small town. The enemies must get in through the West-Wall or Back-Entrance and capture the flag, which is on the Roof. 
 - Second possibility is, they go through the Back-Entrance, which is open but ends near the Enemy-Barracks. The secret War-Documents are in the War-Rooms down at Basement. Allies/Axis must steal it and try to transmit it in the Radio-Room, which is also close to the Enemy-Barracks.
 There are 3 Ways inside The BasOr down to the War-Rooms:
  1.- Through the Stockroom, requires an engineer!
  2.- Through the Elevator
  3.- Through the Back-Stairway
Just extract the mp_BasOr2.pk3 into your "return to castle wolfenstein/main" folder.

 -Gilles of Battlefield Europe for motivating me to remake the original version, reverse the map and helping me with testing the map till the final-version.
 -Mikultra and Crimson Plug for mapping-help.
 -Aeon, Dot an Cadea for map-testing 
Feel free to email me your comments, suggestions or bugs.
more info about BasOr2 soon at
Copyright / Permissions
You may distribute this archive in any format, providing that all original files are intact.
NOTHING may be used from this pk3 without prior permission from the authors.

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