Beach Redemption


Objectives: Axis -Defend the Sea Wall. -Defend the Sea Wall Door. -Prevent Allies from stealing...


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Objectives: Axis -Defend the Sea Wall. -Defend the Sea Wall Door. -Prevent Allies from stealing top secret war documents. -Stop the Allies before they escape with the uber-cannon documents. -Destroy the allied submarine to hault the allied forces. -Hold the Forward Bunker.

Objectives: Allies -Breach the Sea Wall. -Breach the Sea Wall Door. -Steal the top secret uber-cannon plans. -Bring the documents to the submarine for transmission. -Protect the submarine from being sunk. -Capture the Forward Bunker.

Story The date is August 19th, 1945. Allied forces have recieved information on a new weapon being tested on a remote beach located on the German coastline between Denmark and Poland. Two months ago, we sent in a coalition of English and American troops to halt the construction of this massive weapon of disaster. Unfortunately, these troops were slaughtered upon landing via mortar fire and landmines. We had no choice but to abort the mission and abandon the objective. However, recently we have learned that this weapon has reached a critical stage and its final construction cannot proceed without the proper equipment. We will be landing off the German coast in the Baltic Sea at 0400 hours. This should offer us maximum suprise and give us the greatest chance to succeed. Our mission is to infiltrate the beach installation and extract the construction plans and documentation for the new weapon. Axis forces will most likely try to disable the submarine so we must protect it until we can disembark safely with the objective.

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Download '' (22MB)

FPS greatly improved on beach and fog/fog clipping added to improve performance


MAP NAME: mp_beachiiv2
INSTALLATION: Just drop the pk3 file into you rtcw/main directory and enjoy.
NOTES: My remake ,of the remake, of the rtcw classic beach invasion. If you were a fan of the origional then
this is a must have! Special thanks to tram design for beta testing(s).

..and remember feekback is always welcome.


 - SiX

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