Beach Tribute

Map File Name: AB_BeachTribute *** "AB" stands for All Battle...1vs1,2vs2,etc.... ***

Map Name: Beach Tribute

Author: Mapperstein...


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Map File Name: AB_BeachTribute *** "AB" stands for All Battle...1vs1,2vs2,etc.... ***

Map Name: Beach Tribute

Author: Mapperstein

Mappers: Alpha- Lead Developer,Level Designer. Bravo- Prefabs(assault boats,kammandant house,officers quarters,deployment stairs,)

Installation: Place .pk3 file into your RTCW/main directory.

Contacts: Mapper E-mails> Map Feedback>

Credits: Beach Tribute is exactly what it says.A tribute to ID,Activision,Nerve, and the Playing Community.Everyone loves MP_BeachSo,with all the "Other" remakes,We figured why not 1 more lol.... Copyrights: All original Beach stuff and Concepts(Theres not much left though,since I rebuilt everything from scratch)is Wolfensteins... All Modifications and Additions is Mappersteins. ****Please have respect for our hard work and do not "Alter" the Map or "Convert" it without asking first...****

Beach Tribute Story Line: "It's Been 18 months since the Allies successfully invaded the Beach.After careful examination of the War Documents,they were found to be a "Decoy" planted by S.S. Agents.The Allies have recieved word, from their "Double Agent" Kessler,that the base construction is complete.Kessler has also informed the Allies that the base is now an "Extremely Armed and Defendable Facility".Kessler also sent a recent message,with Base schematics and strategic information.The Allies,having used this info,believe that there is a List with Axis Base and Allied P.O.W. Camp locations.The Allies, are going in Fast and Hard,under the cover of Night and Fog.The Air Force is air dropping some Bunkers to aid the allies in their mission. Good Luck....and Have Fun...."

Team Objectives:

Allies> 1)"Penetrate Beach Wall" 2)"Penetrate Supply Tunnel" 3)"Shutdown Security Grid" 4)"Penetrate Basement Access Door" 5)"Steal the List" 6)"Escape" Axis> 1)"Defend the Beach Wall" 2)"Defend the Supply Tunnel Entrance" 3)"Defend the Security Grid" 4)"Defend the Basement Access Door" 5)"Defend the Vault" 6)"Stop the Allied Escape"

Spawn Flags: There are two "non-objective" spawn flags in Beach Tribute. One is at the Forward Bunker(Allies Only). Allows the Allies to spawn in Upper and Lower Forward Bunker. The Second is in the Supply Bunker(Allies & Axis). Allows the Allies to spawn in Supply Bunker,and the Axis to spawn in Supply Tunnel Barracks.

Limbo Spawn Choices: The optional spawn points are organized by tags. (X) for Axis specific spawns. (A) for Allied specific spawns. Known issue: If you are on the Axis team and select "Spawn Closest to Allies Side",you will spawn in the Infirmary in the Basement. This is not a "BUG". Reason for this is that the spawn point in basement is actually closer to the Allied side in distance. Compared to the Axis Barracks spawn upstairs.To spawn in Axis Barracks, select closest to Axis Side.

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