Bunker Hill -Final Assault-

Author: Michael "Fiesling" Betke

Portfolio: http://www.fieslings-place.de



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Author: Michael "Fiesling" Betke

Portfolio: http://www.fieslings-place.de

Mapname: Bunker Hill -Final Assault-

Releasedate: 21.8.2003

Contact: fieslings-place@t-online.de

Installation: Copy the file mp_bunkerhill.pk3 into your /main folder and start rtcw enter the console and type: /map mp_bunkerhill or start a server and pick Bunker-Hill from Maplist. Enjoy. ;)

** Favorite German Editing Page: www.level-designer.de ** (don't miss a visit)

About the map: Just a steal and escape with docus map. THis map was my friend for the last 1,5 years. I worked at it for one week and then stopped for months and did other stuff. But now i finally made it and get it to a release. So maybe the map looked a bit mixed up in her style but i would get insane if i rebuild the whole stuff. ;) I lost an earlier version then my harddisk failed (with the terrain file)

Issues: The Map was tested only for wolfmp and wolfsw but should work fine with OSP. In the documents room, the player-model is pitch black and i couldn't figure out why (added ligh_juniors and tried several other stuff). The truck looks a little bit like he is sliding. the terrain design looks a bit flat (yes i know the world is no plate. ;)


-to Nightwulf for the scripting -to ydnar for q3map2 -to francesco for easygen (great tool) -to the rtg clan (for alpha testings on their server) -cha0s for dripping water-stuff -to all guys i missed. :) -stone textures taken from the map-Center stone-challenge -some textures i found in www from various unkown artists.

**Legals** Decompiling the map and/or using parts of the map to enhance your creations is strictly forbidden!! You can take the shaders and textures from the .pk3 (as usually) but please give credits. If you want to publish the map on print media or CD'S let me know and contact me over at fieslings-place@t-online.de

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