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= City][Pack = =Skins by City][Schubi = = Sounds by |TFP|RED-BARON =

This package is part of a set of different skin and sound packs for RTCW. The serie is labeled as:


= how to install = Remove any other sound and skin packs in your "main" folder an in your modfolders (like "shrubmode") of your "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" folder!

Copy all ".pk3" files in the "Main" folder of your "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" directory.

That's all!

NOTE: Will NOT work on pure servers. NOTE: Do not *rename* this file in any way!


= how to use the soundfiles = To use the new voices, there are two ways: take the quickchatmenu or use them direct with keybindings!

These new commands are added: Sniper, Grenade, SFallBack, SLeftflank, SRightflank, SMoveIn, OpenFire, SNow, SFire, Gotone, Hold, CoverYou, Fun, Getdown, Attack, Tooklong, Onmyway, Crazy, Enemy

Quickchatmenu: v71 Sniper! v81 Took long enough! v72 Grenade! v82 On my way! v73 Left flank! v83 The enemy! v74 Right flank! v84 You are crazy! v75 Fall back! v85 Enemy down! v76 Move In! v86 Get down! v77 Open Fire! v87 Now! v78 Hold position! v88 Fire!

Bindings (examples): bind o "vsay_team Sniper" bind k "vsay_team Getdown" bind 9 "vsay_team SNow"

= to server hosts = It would be easier for the public if the servers are labeled as a host for custom packs. So if you host a server and it is allowed to use skin or sound packs, or you uploaded this packs, please label it for the public.

= special thanks = Testing: Berzerkr (GER), City][Sepp, City][kc2k, City][Fidel, City][Faddi, City][Oldie, City][Cooper, City][Maverick, City][CDFresser, HerrK and to all others, that I forgot!

GFX: CobraCommander and xlr8shun for using some of their well done graphics! :WS:Tspoon for using his marvellous fonts and for skinning the logo!

Server: [4 Black Scorpions Clan](they didn't know it, but I've been using their server to try out the skin and sound packs, I joined as a "SPECTATOR" and blocked other players! ;)

= contact = WolfensteinCity: TheFearlessPigs: Email:

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