Clonewar 2044



Possibly inspired by the Star Wars film "Attack of the Clones" mapper "flipmode" has taken the original sp mission with BJ into the next level..a futuristic mission. With the defeat of the Third Reich near,the Axis develop a time transporter and a small group of soldiers and scientists have set up shop in the future,100 years to be exact in 2044. A remarkable discovery is made by the Axis scientists in this time period "cloning" the ability to duplicate from one... into countless millions! With the ability to provide a non stop onslaught of manpower,the Allies will certainly fall. Your mission as BJ is to gain access to the time portal,travel into the future and destroy the cloning lab. I personally am a fan of single player missions and after playing remarkable efforts like "TimeGate" and "Operation: Vorsichtig" I'm skeptical on efforts to top them. Flipmode hasn't quite made this adventure as long as the 2 previous mentioned sp adventures were..Yet. and yes the door is open to a sequel..or should I say the timeportal is open for more.

Taking the basics of the original game and creating a new enviroment is the map's overall biggest treat,this isn't a castle or crypt or even Europe! The skies are red.What has happened to the earth in the interval between 1944 and 2044? Perhaps more details will be told in the next installment. New skies and some nice "Quake" like enviroments abound from the start to end..well you'll see. The Sten silencer is the main weapon of choice here,and health pickups are few and far between,also be very careful with ammo,I found myself once totally without. Also take time and check out the custom designing and the wickedly nice futuristic "Wolf Logo". I certainly hope flipmode continues this adventure!

Review by Det Pak



###  Clonewar 2044 ###

RtcW singleplayer map >Clonewar2044< by flipmode, feb.2003

installation: extract the Clonewar2044.zip file straight into your Return to castle Wolfenstein directory.
              do NOT extract it to Rtcw's "main" folder, like u might be used to from multiplayer
              maps. after extracting u will find a >clonewar2044<-folder in your Return to castle Wolfenstein
              in example: C:/Return to castle Wolfenstein/clonewar2044

to PLAY you have to go to the clonewar2044 folder and start it from the clonewar2044.bat icon.
this should work for most players. for the case u get stuck on startup please bring
down the console (the big window you also use for chat) and type: /spmap clonewar2044

description: This is my second singleplayer map for rtcw. 
             you ll find yourself in a future-styled environment being pretty uncommon
             for wolfenstein. gameplay requires a tactical aproach, just rushing in will
             usually fail. take cover a lot.
about the build: wow, that went fast this time. while it has taken ages to build my previous
                 map >wotan< (where i had to learn a lot, from terrain-mapping to scripting),
                 this one has only taken about 10 days, plus 5 days to get rid of some nasty
                 if the map makes you think you d play a wolfer/quake3 mix this has a simple
                 reason...i ve based some of the shaders on quake3 shaders, in example the
                 sky looks pretty quakeish.

used editors: GtkRadiant, terrain with easygen, textures with photoshop.

known bugs: if you have set vertex light on the rtcw graphic-options many shaders such
            as terrain wont work proper.  i think it d be still playable but honestly it 
            looks crap. yet i dont know why that happens but i hope to be able to release 
            a fix later. any information on this issue d be welcome.

if you meet any other bugs please report them by mail.

thanks to kos, demonspawn, dolo, frogbait4, techman, mampferl, nightwulf, rekbronze 
and the other guys at the forums for tips, help, critizism, testing, and writing tutorials.

textures&shaders: some textures and shaders are manipulated originals from either RtcW or Quake3.
script: script_mover (elevator) is based on the djbob/sock tutorial-script.                  

contact:email: [email protected]
website: http://www.planetquake.com/dteam/flipmode

Return to castle Wolfenstein is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.
Quake3 is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

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