Da Docks

Da Docks...

This is on a small-secluded island resort where the Allies are invading an Axis Top Secret Base. Allied Top agents discover...


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Da Docks...

This is on a small-secluded island resort where the Allies are invading an Axis Top Secret Base. Allied Top agents discover that this resort has a location somewhere containing a map detailing the entire Axis's hidden bases. On a clear moonlight night, the Allies arrive at Da Docks to prepare their invasion. With their U-Boat waiting at one of the Docks to receive the Axis's Top Secret Base Map.

Fortunate for the Axis people... they were having a party in the Recreation Center. One of the watchmen notices the number of ships down at the Docks and warns the Axis's army to get prepared to fight off the invasion.

Allies have been spotted at Da_Docks...

The tight battle on Da Docks will prove to be a great one, as both opponents strive to win. The trouble for the Allies will be in getting the Top Secret Axis Base Map back to the U-Boat before their time runs out.

Good Luck to you all... Enjoy Da Game

Da =>R!P<=


This map was in the works since Sept. 2002. Initially it was going to be a Capture the Flag event, however, Drodgie =>R!P<= suggested to change the layout into a more challenging objective map. As the map moulded into a neat Island Resort, the trial release was then sent to members of Da =>R!P<= for evaluation of the game play. After a number of comments were received by many members was great assistance to preparing the completion of Da_Docks (formerly known as MP_Docks). A news release was sent to RTCWfiles about an anticipated release in Feb. 2003. But to our dismay, an error occured during the last compile that prevented the release of Da_Docks. As other real life issues came up, Da_Docks had to get put on the back burner for a while. Luckily, an earlier version of Da_Docks was still able to compile, permitting the redevelopment of this map. Some changes have been made to the map, hopefully for the better.

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Download 'da_docks.zip' (10.8MB)

Map Name:    Da Docks
Filename:    Da_Docks.pk3  
Produced by: Da =>R!P<= Mapping
Released by: Pareto 

Released on (Official Public): Saturday June 7, 2003
Test-Release on (Semi-Public): Saturday May 31, 2003
Beta-Release in (Not  Public): February 2003



I have so many people to thank (I attempted to put this in a time line):

You - the gamer for whom this map is made for (and for downloading this map)

Drodgie - for suggesting the modifications to the layout
          and pointing out things that should be added to the map.

Jay - for providing a clear and detailed analysis of errors,
      minor fixes, and great suggestions of additional features in

Wildthing - for pointing out a number of errors in the map
            during its recent prebeta test
Angel - checking the map out and assisting with getting the test
        version on the web for Da =>R!P<= members to check out

Raven - making suggestions about improving the overall lighting

Bro - commenting about the music in the map causing too much lag...
      I replaced the music file later to sirens and voice conversations
      from the Official Return to Castle Wolfentsein CD-Rom

Yojshi - For commenting on ways to get R!Pers to test out the map.

DiaperEater... and the list goes on.

I would also like to thank: Id Software, Activision, and Nerve as well
as many other Companies and individuals who have put the time and 
effort into making this KICK ASS game that we gamers enjoy so much!!!
Also, allowing the public access to the utilities to assist in the 
creation of games for the community is another great attribute for
the game.

I would like to thank in advance website who will be posting this map
for the community to download.  In particular, Da =>R!P<=, RTCWfiles,
Filefront, and any additional people who wish to host this downloadable
map release.

My thanks goes out to Sqrl, as well... as he is Da =>R!P<='s Multiplayer
Server Admin.  With out this server, most likely this map may not have
been available for public use.  Much Thanks Sqrl!

If I have forgot to thank anyone, please consider this being my
thanks to you here.

First Year Anniversary for Da =>R!P<=

This was the first year of existance for Da =>R!P<=, Since May 27, 2002.
Happy Anniversary R!Pers... and the rest of the community.  We
support the game and celebrate all other gamers out there playing
RTCW.  I wish the best for more fun in the future with multiplayer
gaming online!

Oh, one last thing... the picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger was given
to me by Jay =>R!P<=.  I added it in the map as a way of returning
thanks to his detailed review of previous version of Da_Docks before
it crashed... and his more indepth review of this version of Da_Docks.

I really do hope that everyone in the RTCW online community will enjoy
this map to the fullest.  It is you that make mappers feel happy
to have some contribution to people's entertainment out on the


Pareto =>R!P<=

Here for Da Fun of it!

For an Novice Gamers,  put the .pk3 file into your RTCW main folder!!!

official website of Da =>R!P<=...      www.da-rip.2ya.com

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