Well, if you've ever wanted a deathmatch map with virtually nowhere to go except straight ahead, this is it. Despite the extremely small size and simplicity of this map, the mapper has still managed to include obvious errors: caulking errors and overlapping brushes.

Review by Subwolfer

From the author: "ok this is your basic DM style map, dm meaning death match, of corse, Ok, now in this map you are on a dam in the mountains somewhere i don't know where, lol, now, axis and allies start at oppisite sides of the dam, there are mg42 bunkers for each side, the point of this map is just to kill each other, death match, lol, ok the idea is to see which team lasts longest on i would say 10 lives. do NOT jump off the sides, uless you want to go for a swim untill you drown, there is no way up, if you get shot off or something, you might as well type in the console /kill, or hold a nade."


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