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Raetsel... it's different from most quality maps because of it's size. There's no questioning that the map is small, but it lacks little to...


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Raetsel... it's different from most quality maps because of it's size. There's no questioning that the map is small, but it lacks little to nothing from it's larger counterparts. The gameflow and balance are good. The map would be excellent for smaller teams... anywhere from a 10 on 10 to a one-on-one match. There aren't any extraneous places to go, making the learning of the layout easy. The Allies spawn in a tranquil nighttime setting in the forest, with crickets chirping, and have to make their way into the complex where most of the action will be. 5429a.jpg Each of the map's main areas is close to the next (Allied spawn, complex entrance, forward spawn flag, axis spawn, enigma machine, and escape point). The quality is good: lighting is done well and there's no technical errors. This one's worth adding to your collection.

Review by Subwolfer

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Download 'mp_raetsel.zip' (3.03MB)

= Das Raetsel - MP map for RTCW =

1) Unzip the file and place mp_raetsel.pk3 in your "Return to Castle Wolfensteinmain" directory
2) The map will be selectable in the Multiplayer Menu

--General Information--
Version: 1.0
Title: Das Raetset
Filename: mp_raetsel.pk3
Map: mp_raetsel
Author: Eric Brummel (Rammage)
E-mail: ramistat@hotmail.com

--Background Information--
I play RTCW with my friends at work. We love it. However, we rarely had more than 4 players per team. Because of this, some of the official maps (as well as most downloaded ones) seemed too large for a smaller group like ours. They ended up becoming FPR's (First Person Runners), as a coworker once put it. I therefore decided to design a level that would better accommodate smaller numbers of people. And thus, Das Raetsel was born.

Das Raetsel is German for "The Enigma" which is the objective in this map. (Yes I know it was done in U-571, but using "The Documents" as an objective seemed rather routine...)

This is my first completed map for a Quake3-based game. So, if it appears that parts of it were <ahem> "inspired" by other maps, you'd be right. Still, this was mostly a learning process for me. The next map(s) will deviate more from pre-existing ones.

--Map Information--
Multiplayer map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Allies are attempting to infiltrate an Axis base. Inside, they must steal and escape with the Enigma Machine. See the in-game briefing menu for more information.

New Textures: No
New Models: No
New Sounds: No

--Gameplay Information--
Gametypes supported: MP, SW
Single Player: No
Multiplayer: Yes
Map Size: Small
Recommended # of Players: 8-12

--Known Bugs--
None so far.

--Development Information--
Build Time: 10 weeks (I had to relearn Radiant, as well as GenSurf)
Compile Machine: AMD Athlon XP 1800+ with 512mb RAM
Compile Time: Approx. 1.5 hours
Base: New map from scratch
Editors used: Wolf Radiant 1.0
Terrain Generation: Gensurf 1.9 (standalone)

Thanks to the numerous mapping/scripting sites out there. What a great community.
I'd like to thank the following sites in particular:
Nib's World: http://www.nibsworld.com/rtcw  (helped me understand the VIS process)
Tram Design: http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/tramdesign  (script tutorials)
Bubba's Arena: http://www.planetquake.com/bubba  (taught me how to use Radiant)

Special Thanks go to my Wolf-playing coworkers: Captain Obvious, twentyseven, Krak0r,
El Pollo Diablo, Mani, Frank Rizzo, Jesus Riced, Mandark, Chappy, Punkbuster, Kranky
Bastard, Titmouse, and last but not least, BCK, who is no longer with the company. :(

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