Deathmatch Tournament Generator



This program will help you create a Deathmatch Tournament (self-explanatory)



This program should be pretty much self-explanatory.  If you have any difficulties using it, have any questions,  or find a bug, just send me an email, to: [email protected]
Enabling "Remote Viewing" causes the program to write changes every time a change is made. Depending on how many players you have, this can take some time. Fast computers will probably complete it in a few seconds. I have a Duron 1Ghz, it takes about 5 - 10 seconds for me.
Also, having tournaments with large numbers of players, it can generate a web-page of up to 450Kb in size. The built in web-server is far from perfect, but serves the purpose. It may take time to transfer that, even over a lan. For Optimal transfer. Set-up a seperate web-server, and have DMTG write files to a directory in that.
To Use Remote Viewing, Enable it in Connection Options, and assign it a port number. The default Port number is "2003"
To visit it, point your default HTTP browser at your own machine address on that port,
i.e. http://localhost:2003
To Display your own logo:
Create a JPG, 340 pixels wide, 60 pixels high. Save it as LANLOGO.JPG in the same directory as the program.
If you want it to open an url when you click on it, put that url into LANURL.TXT
This program has not been extensively tested. Although it has not been designed to cause any harm to your system,  it can't be ruled out. I do not accept any responsibilty for anything my program does.
This program is free to use, along with it's source code, on the following conditions:
No program made from this source code can be used for profit.
Any program made from this source code, must have it's source code freely available.
If you use it's source code in any way, credit must be given where it's due.
At least one comment, bug report, or suggestion must be sent back as feedback.
One last thing, if you can't run the program because of OCX programs, use the "repairreg.bat" provided. That should take care of things.

[email protected]

http://www.superfreak.co.uk - neur0soft Deathmatch Tournament Generator

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