Deathshead's Army - 1024x768



A kick ass wallpaper from the official wolfenstein site by Activision featuring Deathshead :) and his army of creatures. Definately my favorite RTCW wallpaper so far! The "Official" description reads: "Deathshead and his army of creatures set on destroying the allies."

This wallpaper contains 2 different versions of the wallpaper, well not much difference it's just that one wallpaper contains just the RTCW logo and the other wallpaper carries da name of da game with Wolfenstein written in the typical wolfenstein font. Kind of a waste of bandwidth to me but oh well :D

This wallpaper is also available in other sizes, just browse our Media > Wallpapers File Section where every somewhat standard screen resolution has it's own subcategory... I figured why not? After all... I am da Pro-Filer :D Well enjoy the wallpaper and have a good one! :beer:


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