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Deckard is a pretty straight forward map. The Allies start in a small building in a field. The Axis have a base at the other side of the f...


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Deckard is a pretty straight forward map. The Allies start in a small building in a field. The Axis have a base at the other side of the field with some documents in it. The Allies could blow open the garage door for more access but its not important. There is also a forward spawn flag inside the base which is very useful to the Allies. The Axis base can be a bit confusing at first too although its interesting to say the least. The field in between the building is nice looking but a little too big.

Technically this map works well. The spawn points and objectives work well. The lighting is ertreamly simple but works. There's something in the Axis base that slows down the map when looking in its direction. That can really hurt the map on slower computers. Other than that the things behind the scenes work well.

Deckard is an okay map with good detail that perhaps slows it down in certain places.

Drill Sgt Dante


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  Deckard Ex Map Spec: This map is an Updated Version of the previous map Deckard
Thanks for all the comments.

1) Added a second level to axis base including new rooms and details.
2) Added a rooftop mg-42 position to axis base.
3) Added a third entrance to the Spy Docs room.
4) Added more ducts to crawl around in.
5) Added a sniper position to axis base.
6) Fixed the bugs with the first version, clipping and weird visual stuff.
7) Changed the game time to 15 minutes.
8) Changed axis spawn time to 20 secs, allied spawn to 15 secs.

Unzip the 'Deckard' file to your "C:Program FilesReturn to Castle WolfensteinMain" directory and the old file will be overwritten.

---General Information---
Version: Final (unless a major change is required e.g. lighting)
Title: Deckard Ex
Filename: deckard.bsp
Author: Alfredo Garcia
Email address:

Credits to: Some website that is no longer active for sniper tower and allied bunker prefabs. 

Tram Design tutorials. 

These Guys 

Claudec's tutorials. 

Nib's tutorials. 
Lots of other web tutorials. 

WolfUmbra for testing and design ideas.

---Play Information------
Game Description: Allies are trying to steal and transmit the spy docs.
Game Type(s): MP, SW 

---Known Bugs------------
Minor terrain glitches, you may not even notice them.
Secret docs pickup sound not correct, couldn't figure out how to fix it.

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