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This is the full install for the latest version of RTCW DeGeneration. For those who already have DeGeneration BETA 1 installed, you only nee...


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This is the full install for the latest version of RTCW DeGeneration. For those who already have DeGeneration BETA 1 installed, you only need to download the patch, this can be found here.

There are some noteable fixes in this version of DeGeneration. For starters there is no longer a .EXE file, all instaling is now done by simply unzipping the folder, in addition support for MAC's has finally been added.

Full List of Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Fixed - Player kicks at map change resolved
Fixed - scoreboard clientnames repeating when player count greater than 30
Fixed - spectator mode message "following" overlapped with player name
Fixed - Referee voting not available
Fixed - Ready up instructions being displayed in intermission when g_doIntermission is not set
Fixed - g_partValueScale cvars not duplicated on clients
Fixed - life stats not recording ammo given for LT
Fixed - Killed player records death when tk'd
Fixed - Client ready status cleared on respawn during warmup
Fixed - Intermission stopwatchmode "stopwatch now set to X:XX" offsets
Fixed - Warmup respawn is not instant
Fixed - client memory usage continuously increase on map change
updated - clients changing teams now retain their score
Updated - scoreboard now shows all players in server (max 64)
Updated - scoreboard Timelimit display shows time limit scenerio as "(scenerio name) timelimit: (XX:XX)/(OVERTIME!)" ; static total timelimit while in warmup; "No timelimit" if there is no timelimit set
Updated - hud shows timelimit scenerio below time display
Updated - hud shows "OVERTIME" instead of "0:00" if timelimit has run out
Updated - Warmup display now shows "Gametype: (gametype) (scenerio name) timelimit: XX"
Updated - team score total is now kept seperate from dynamic team score total
Updated - Referee vote now passes automatically
Updated - Disabled complaint popups during warmup
Updated - Ingame server browser now shows only DeGeneration servers

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Download '' (189.61MB)

RTCW's DeGeneration - Readme
Version: 0.982
Date:    7/27/2004

DeGenerations requirements are identical to standard RTCW. You will have to make sure all official patches are installed which can be located here.

After you have successfully download DeGeneration to your computer, please follow these three easy steps to install:

 1.) Locate the download file on your computer.
 2.) Double-click on the file to open it.
 3.) Follow the on-screen instructions.

FAQ - Please see if your problem is listed here

Documents included:

DeGeneration Forums - Please post suggestions, questions, problems and bugs here;f=23

Nikola Tesla died on January 7th, 1943 in Manhattan. Immediately after his death his papers containing scientific data and information about "Death Rays" vanished. Up until that time it was known they existed, but neither the U.S. Goverment nor scientific community put much stock in the plans. It was now apparent someone did and Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered a full investigation into Tesla's death with hopes of retrieving the missing papers to find out why.

Almost a full year later, just as Rome crumbled, British soldiers confirmed the Allies' greatest fear as they retrieved the missing papers from an overrun camp in Sicily. Frantically, Britain and the U.S. began pouring more resources into researching "Project Tesla" and after just a few short months found they were racing towards the final stages of its construction. Soon they would be on par with the Axis who, because of their early start, were also making great progress.

Regardless, one key element remained. The Death Ray plans called for a power source of great magnitude. They needed a generator stronger than anyone had ever built before. Unfortunately, after polling the surrounding areas, it was clear that the shortage of parts, due to war efforts, meant that the project would have to be moved. As the Allied scouts set out for parts, commanders get word that the Axis powers are already planning an offensive in their direction hoping to thwart their efforts.

Development Team:
Buzzard			Co-Lead Tester / Public Relations
Codey			Lead Coder / Map Artist
CWH_Cwz			Co-Lead Tester / Documentation
Demonspawn		Lead Modeller / Lead Graphic Artist / Map Artist
Grayman			Lead Sound Artist / Lead Voice Actor
Tunnleram		Founder / Project Leader / Lead Map Artist
Rummie			Graphic Artist / Map Artist

Testing Team:
Belegnole, Ignacio, Gringo Starr, CrazyGuy, SpottyG, Morgoth, ZephyR, Unsobering, sgtdeath, bonesetter, readymeal, SlimGedi, NiteSwine,Herlong, v1king, Jfreak, Crowbar, palad1n, Jdawgg, Havocman,[XSQD]GENESIS_X, [XSQD]D@rkH@mmer, GoldoraK, pookSter, morphic, Lt.goose, Crypt-tD, n4d3r, 8e, RompNit, Skunk, Warpath, GadFly, Konundrum, CRASH_mtl, Cletus, ReVeNgE, [TBAR]BoogerBomb, Madmatz, Steve, PUFF_PUFF_Killv4.20, [TGS]RuDeBoY, KolosoK, Zap, Captn Queeg, skeeter, Mikultra, Mich, Kozz, Blondie, BranMuffin, mshabsovich, Pauly, Trigger, hammyfammy, Hewster, Salsaman, Schubi, Gilles, Kam, X_Viper, Scutter, Icem4n, comand3r2004, LosHunos, GyanLuka, Anarchy, BzZ LED, D4RKCYD3, el-passdabong, EL-Angel-Eyes, EL PASSDESKINS, PeteSpeed, popdog, PH@TiE, Sugababe, crimson_pluck, Adrenochrome, SkyZip, Rockhound, SilverFox, eiretek, RaMzI, bystander, montheponies, Stardog, Abigor, snafu, thehulk, sleeper, [ax24]vord, frownyfish, Sparky1pq, SquidRepo, ZyCr, celine, Messiah, Splurgn, VostruX, Blueliner, Duelwedge, Staind, Vegetto420, Error, Mi$ery, FleshWound, Pseudoreality, Mulekick, 
BigBadBanana, Cochese, GopherGuts, KrazyKillinKiwi, LDCluver, SunNori, ElderlyPornstar,R3d3mpti0n, darkunderlord, Diabolikul, CatSpit, HanoverFist, omega1, LoGoS, JadeFalcon, Swift, Scr8pinhrd, DreiZehn

BoltyBoy - creation of some of the plant models
Halister - testing early on
Nib - creation of part models
Seinfeld - creation of music
TiCal - creation of early code
Rhea - use of command, client/server cvar naming for competition functions
Xatrix - creation of Kingpin: Life of Crime, use of sounds and textures
Remedy - creation of Max Payne, use of textures
Golliwog & Arnout 'RR2DO2' van Meer - use of their atmospheric effects as a base for our snow and rain effects -
Fretn - giving us the source to integrate the Extended Demo Viewer (EDV) into DG (didn't have the time to do this, but we hope sometime soon!)

Special Thanks: 
Gamespy -
Fileplanet -
Planetwolfenstein -
RTCW Files -
sweRTCW - - 
CompKal -

For more information please post in the DeGeneration testing forum;f=30

All rights reserved by TRAM Design 2002/2003/2004

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