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It's what the RTCW community has been waiting for since the Wild Wild West modification :). The latest and greatest in Return to Castle Wolf...


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It's what the RTCW community has been waiting for since the Wild Wild West modification :). The latest and greatest in Return to Castle Wolfenstein fragging as arrived - DeGeneration!!!! Tram Design has put together one awesome multi-player mod which is centered around the completion of your team's generator or the destruction of your opponents generator in order to win the game. I had the pleasure of BETA testing this mod for the past couple of months, and I must say I am psyched. I wonder how many downloads this puppy is going to get here on RTCW Files alone - my bet is 10 - 20 thousand downloads :p.

Get this mod now and start fragging with what could very well be the most fun modification I have ever played! :rock:

Editor's Rating: As you can see, I also provided a rating on this mod. I would like to explain how I made my decisions... First off, Tech got a 9/10 because many of the stock textures, sounds, voices, and animations have yet to be changed. However, there is just so much new content that all of the un-changed content is negligible.

Fun Factor received a 10/10 for one simple reason - this mod = :rock:.

Balance was rated a 10/10 because it is a well-rounded mod that induces great teamwork. Each side can choose to defend and build their generator or attack and destroy the enemy generator. From main gametype performance to smaller details such as mobile MG-42's this mod is quite balanced. For instance, you need an engineer to disassemble and assemble an MG-42 but they are not allowed to carry the weapon themselves ;).

Stability received a 9/10 because during testing there was one or two maps that on occasion would have excessive packet-loss errors which caused the player to experience tremendous amounts of lag. They tweaked and fixed much of it, but it is still present on occasion. Nothing bad enough to lower the rank any lower than a 9 in this category though.

Quality gets a 10/10 because an excruciating amount of detail went into making this mod. Between paraspawns, mobile MG-42's, Crates that fall from the sky containing parts, Generators, and the cutscenes this is a very high quality modification. Oh, and by the way, the theme music is bound to make you :rock: exactly the way the smiley does it hehe.

Creativity was a tough rating. I could not pull myself to give it a 10. I would have preferred to give it a 9.5/10 but it was not an option. The DG team focused the mod around Nikola Tesla. However, a good chunk of RTCW's single-player plot was also based around Tesla's experiments. However, the impressive gametype the DG team came up with deserves a very high rating all by itself. It provides the most fun I have had in years with a First Person Shooter. Thus, Creativity clocks in at 9/10.

Overall rating (my overall rating, not mathematic's overall rating :p) is a 9.5/10. I believe this mod has great potential. This is only the BETA release and it will shock you when you see just how well-rounded this first BETA actually is. I remember the first BETA of Desert Combat (the most popular modification for Battlefield 1942). I remember being wowed by it. Looking back on it now, I laugh as Desert Combat has evolved so much. Assuming DeGeneration does the same thing, it is hard to imagine how great this mod might develop into!

Great job Tram Design!! :rock: Great Job!!!

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Download 'dgbetawin32install.exe' (194.35MB)

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((Editor's Readme)) Pretty simple really. Just execute the .exe file and it does it all for you!!!

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