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It's finally here! DeGeneration v1.0!! DeGeneration is a multiplayer modification for RTCW, and it aims to enter itself into the record book...


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It's finally here! DeGeneration v1.0!! DeGeneration is a multiplayer modification for RTCW, and it aims to enter itself into the record books as being one of the best modifications for RTCW - ever. With new weapons, new sounds, new models, new maps, new gameplay mechanics, and new GUI, DG provides exactly what you'd expect from a modification. However, the core gameplay of Return to Castle Wolfenstein is relatively unchanged. It still looks and feels like Wolfenstein, but plays like RTCW on steroids!

The game is extremely configurable from a ServerSide standpoint, to an extent such that you can almost change the gameplay entirely just by changing convenient config settings. However, the main gametype centers around a common goal - search out the enemy's generator and destroy it before their team can carry back enough parts to build it to 100% status. At the same time, you are trying to build your generator up to 100% status. This mod makes for extremely intense gameplay moments, I promise you that.

DeGeneration Online Documentation (look here for server config options and much much more!):

By the way... Did I mention this mod is MAC SUPPORTED?

What a phenomenal release by Tram Design, and the perfect addition to accent the game we all know and love - Return to Castle Wolfenstein!

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Download 'degeneration_v1.exe' (255.35MB)

DeGeneration 1.0

This is it! The first full release of DeGeneration, a multiplayer mod based on RTCW where teams struggle for power and control over crucial machinery needed to complete Tesla's Death Ray project.

Nikola Tesla died on January 7th, 1943 in Manhattan. Immediately after his death his papers containing scientific data and information about "Death Rays" vanished. Up until that time it was known they existed, but neither the U.S. Goverment nor scientific community put much stock in the plans. It was now apparent someone did and Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered a full investigation into Tesla's death with hopes of retrieving the missing papers to find out why.

Almost a full year later, just as Rome crumbled, British soldiers confirmed the Allies' greatest fear as they retrieved the missing papers from an overrun camp in Sicily. Frantically, Britain and the U.S. began pouring more resources into researching "Project Tesla" and after just a few short months found they were racing towards the final stages of its construction. Soon they would be on par with the Axis who, because of their early start, were also making great progress.

Regardless, one key element remained. The Death Ray plans called for a power source of great magnitude. They needed a generator stronger than anyone had ever built before. Unfortunately, after polling the surrounding areas, it was clear that the shortage of parts, due to war efforts, meant that the project would have to be moved. As the Allied scouts set out for parts, commanders get word that the Axis powers are already planning an offensive in their direction hoping to thwart their efforts.

Installation instructions
ZIP Installation
1. Open the ZIP file with WinZip or your compression program of choice.
2. Extract the file to C:\PROGRAM FILES\RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN or wherever you have RTCW installed.

EXE Installation
1. Run the EXE file
2. Follow the instructions

Supported for operating systems

Additional Documentation
DeGeneration Online Documentation

TRAM Design Forums

Development Team
Buzzard - Co-Lead Tester
Codey - Lead Coder, Map Artist
CWH_CWz - Co-Lead Tester
Demonspawn - Lead Modeler, Lead Graphic Artist, Map Artist
Grayman - Lead Sound Artist, Lead Voice Actor, Web Designer
Ignacio - Lead Promotion
Rummie - Graphic Artist, Map Artist 
Tunnleram - Project Leader, Lead Map Artist, Public Relations, Documentation

Testing Team
Belegnole, Ignacio, Gringo Starr, CrazyGuy, SpottyG, Morgoth, ZephyR, Unsobering, Sgt. DeAtH, Bonesetter (LM), readymeal, [DSB]SlimGedi, NiteSwine, Herlong, v1king, Jfreak, Crowbar, palad1n, Jdawgg, Havocman, GoldoraK, pookSter, morphic, Lt.goose, Crypt-tD, Omega1, n4d3r, GadFly, [TBAR]BoogerBomb, Desert_Scorpion?, Hewster, Salsaman, Schubi, Gilles, Kam, =[VK]=V!P3R, LosHunos, Icem4n, GyanLuka, BzZ LED, D4RKCYD3, aacork, Mchart, Crystanasy, SRDG, [XSQD]GENESIS_X, [XSQD]D@rkH@mmer, [A23]Rockhound, [A23]Bystander, montheponies, Stardog_Of_Q, Abigor(UK), Sparky1pq, Battlefield Europe, {NoX} Clan, Ch!ck3n|NoX, SplurGn|NoX, VostruX|NoX, Blueliner|NoX, Duelwedge|NoX, Staind|NoX, Vegetto420|NoX, Error, Mi$ery, =m8s= Clan, FleshWound, Pseudoreality, Mulekick, BigBadBanana, Cochese, GopherGuts, KrazyKillinKiwi, LDCluver, SunNori, ElderlyPornstar, =m8s=R3d3mpti0n, =m8s=DarkUnderlord, {M} Clan, Xspel, M_Strider, Madskillz, Major-Jedi, Sphinx175, /PR/ Clan, Diabolikul, CatSpit, HanoverFist, omega1, LoGoS, JadeFalcon, Swift, Scr8pinhrd, DreiZehn, -FMJ- Clan, FMJ_CrAcK, Hiball, krayz, KeaRveK, boomadge, FMJ-Alabasta, bubbatime, Holzmann, Hate, BasGo, newbroker, Malcorn2, Kingflea, UraniumGamers.

BoltyBoy - creation of some of the plant models
Halister - testing early on
Nib - creation of part models
Seinfeld - creation of music
TiCal - creation of early code
Rhea - use of command, client/server cvar naming for competition functions
Xatrix - creation of Kingpin: Life of Crime, use of sounds and textures
Remedy - creation of Max Payne, use of textures
Golliwog & Arnout 'RR2DO2' van Meer - use of their atmospheric effects as a base for our snow and rain effects -
Fretn - giving us the source to integrate the Extended Demo Viewer (EDV) into DG (didn't have the time to do this!)

Special Thanks
Gamespy -
Fileplanet -
Planetwolfenstein -
Planet-RTCW -
RTCW Files -
sweRTCW - - 
CompKal -
WolfensteinX -
Online Gaming Guild -
Wolfenstein City -
Mod Database -
Uranium Gamers

Bug fixes and enhancements
* Added tesla weapon support to soldier
* Added snooper weapon support to soldier
* Updated - ammopack gives 60 (1 cell) for tesla
* Added weapon limiting cvars team_maxFG42s, team_maxSnoopers, team_maxTeslas
* Fixed - scoreboard not showing for minimum 10seconds
* Added - intermission displays "next round starting" after ready percent has been reached and hides ready instructions
* Fixed - More items/weapons not pre-caching
* Fixed/Added - Obituaries - (playername) was killed by (playername)'s snooper rifle, FG42, 	Tesla, Goomba drop
* Fixed - spawned mauser/sniper rifle has 50 rounds instead of standard clip (10)
* Fixed - spawned snooper rifle has 20 rounds instead of standard clip (5)
* Fixed - spawned snooper rifle doesn't give any ammo if you are already holding it
* Fixed - pickup spawned snooper after "no ammo autoswitch" gives no ammo and cannot select
* Fixed - dropping picked up weapon immediately when dropping current weapon
* Added FG42 weapon support to soldier class
* Fixed - dropweapon for grenade and dyna while arming
* Fixed - dropweapon delayed, works on button press, not hold
* Fixed - global sounds coming from stamina pickup
* Removed checking for panzer limit in client spawning
* Fixed dropping pliers/airstrike/dyna etc on death
* Fixed fg42 firstperson showing while zoomed
* Fixed sound coming from stamina pickup going global
* Fixed tesla shooting through walls
* Fixed - wm_setstopwatchtimemax script action makes next match display timelimit 0 on scoreboard
* Fixed - mg42 not precaching
* Added fg42, snooper, tesla as seperate entries to weaponstats and logging
  WeaponStats: <player_id> <round_#> <weaponmask> [<weapon1 info> .. <weaponN info>] <dmg_given> <dmg_rcvd> <team_dmg> <gibs>
* Added - "wm_SetStopwatchTimeMax" script action Sets next round timelimit to maximum
* Fixed - players not getting pushed out of buildable part
* Fixed - drop weapon at death sets template weapon to ammo count in held clip
* Fixed - Dropping a weapon with partially-full clip sets item template to that clip ammo
* Fixed - spawned weapons don't have full clip
* Fixed - kick to spectator mode at intermission start if had been following another player during the match
* Fixed - intermission shows indefinately if all players have been kicked to spectator
* Removed Bar weapon from bank 5
* Fixed - give weapons/all - doesn't give scoped versions of FG42, GARAND and MAUSER 
* Fixed - give weapons/all - gives non-existant bar weapon in bank 5
* Fixed - give keys/all - gives mg42
* Updated - ammo pack. Now Gives ammo regardless of if you are carrying weapon for it not. Pooled ammo type weapons get one clip between them instead of clip for each weapon. Doesn't give dynamite
* Fixed - Crosshair color/alpha resets to default at map change	
* Fixed - Max ammo for FG42 and mauser can be variable depending on where aquired
* updated - Tesla Charges gun directly with a cell (60) instead of filling it (300)
* updated - FG42 and mauser(SNIPER) limit to 200, was potentially 1000
* updated - Garand(SNOOPER) is no longer a pooled ammo type, uses 30cal 
* updated - Weapon bank loadout for deathmatch
* Fixed swapping modes kicks to spectator
* Fixed snow particles going through movers
* Added target health (cg_crosshairHealth) option to crosshair menus
* Added crosshair colors cvar and crosshair menus (only available if cg_crosshairhealth is off) cg_crosshairColor & cg_crosshairColorAlt
* Fixed panzer weapon held in wrong position
* Fixed "cg_simpleitems 1" items seen through walls, missing textures and shaders
* Fixed spectator mode not displaying "SPECTATOR" in game
* Fixed chat text not displaying in limbo chat window
* Fixed scoped snooper using different ammo pool than unscoped
* Added weapon reticle for scoped FG42 and snooper
* Reduced fg42 scoped kickback substantially
* Fixed voicechat from allied player playing as axis
* Fixed "axis always win" problem
* Added limbo menu for deathmatch
* Added spectator function for deathmatch
* Fixed spectators being allocated to team on gametype change
* Fixed fraglimit not shown on warmup and scoreboard info
* Limited dynamite arming to 60 seconds, ticking and no pulsing dlight for deathmatch
* Fixed dynamite item spawning at wrong angles
* tweaked tesla damage up slightly
* Fixed limbo menu initializing to invalid options page when switching from another gametype
* Fixed team chat not displaying in limbo menu
* Fixed hud menu not changing wolf/teamdm mode dynamically (via vote etc)
* Fixed ammo and medpacks not precaching
* Added player 25 armor at spawn (helmet)
* Capped stamina nofatigue powerup to max displayed range (60000)
* Added Drop active weapon on death
* "drop weapon" command drops currently active weapon
* magicammo gives ammo correct amounts based on weapons carried + 1 of each grenade
* Added fraglimit display on warmup and scoreboard
* Fixed damage from tesla gun and updated effects and tracing
* Fixed bullet impact effects on grass/snow/gravel
* Fixed not pushing players when spawning two clients overlapping, one client would remain non-solid
* Fixed player animation for holding weapon tesla, fg42, snooper rifle
* Fixed gun texture missing for fg42 
* Fixed no damage from snooper rifle and fg42 paratrooper
* Fixed zoom on fg42
* Added weaponstats to sniper for fg42 and snooper rifle
* Added weaponstats to "other" for tesla
* Added kickback effect for fg42 and snooper rifle when scoped
* If previous round was deathmatch, check at init for team game type and shuffle players into teams for deathmatch
* Changed player death voice allies "medic" to generic pain voice for deathmatch
* Fixed obituary saying "KILLED TEAMMATE" for deathmatch
* Fixed cp flagpole animations not working correctly for deathmatch
* Fixed drop weapon on death would not drop if no ammo "in reserve" instead of in "current clip" for deathmatch
* Dropped weapons now sink into ground instead of dissapear for deathmatch
* Added weapon_magicammo as item in map support for deathmatch
* All entities support keys notteam & notfree for deathmatch to control what loads in each mode
* Added cvars for server controlled item respawn times
* Removed old wolf not fully implemented:
* Fixed crash bug on mp modes caused by
* Changed weapons which use shared ammo type to use shared ammo pool for deathmatch. 
* Changed venom weapon default ammo from 700 to 300 (1 clip) for deathmatch
* Changed tesla weapon default ammo from 200 to 60 (1 cell) for deathmatch
* Changed tesla cell ammo from 200 to 60 for deathmatch
* Fixed limbo menu showing full size gameview for team deathmatch
* Removed ugly "SPECTATOR - Use team menu to play" message for team deathmatch
* Enabled chat log display for deathmatch
* Fixed snow falling through scipt_movers
* g_fraglimit support, not exclusive of g_timelimit or g_maxlives, whichever comes first
  note, one player only in game cannot trigger fraglimit for deathmatch
* timelimitscenerio integration for deathmatch
* g_maxlives integration for deathmatch
* weapon loadout changed to sp style configuration for deathmatch
* Added full client precache of weapons for deathmatch
* Added Weapon support: GARAND, FG42, TESLA for deathmatch
* Updated tesla damage system to server side for deathmatch
* Fixed not allowed to pickup some ammo types for deathmatch
* Fixed not allowed to pickup weapon if already have one in same weapon bank for deathmatch
* Changed dynamite to arm with timer (hold fire to increase timer) for deathmatch
* give console command for deathmatch
* Added wolf style panzer recharge delay firing for deathmatch
* Linked in dynamite recharge delay firing for deathmatch
* Fixed client not showing panzer recharge bar for deathmatch
* Firing panzer or dynamite tries switch back machinegun->pistol->grenade for deathmatch
* Added armor hud bar next to stamina bar for deathmatch
* Fixed server browser type field display "null" non functional for deathmatch
* Fixed target_script_trigger not triggering out to script... triggers :P for deathmatch
* Added arena file game type string "freedm"
* Winner based on team score
* Added team rank to scoreboard header "AXIS LEAD", "TEAMS ARE TIED", "ALLIES LEAD"
* Fixed IT_TEAM type entities (team flags etc) not spawning properly
* New Mode specific limbo menu with team/spectator selection
* Added arena file game type string "teamdm"
* Winner based on highest client score for deathmatch
* End of game logs "RoundWinner: Client <clientnum>" for deathmatch
* g_maxlives - End of game Logs "Last man standing" for deathmatch
* Added rank to scoreboard header "1st Place" etc for deathmatch
* Disabled crosshair player identify for deathmatch
* Various fixes for ffa and team deathmath implementation
* Updated atmospheric effect graphics
* Disabled use of timelimit scenerios when stopwatch mode is enabled
* Updated warmup message to incorporate stopwatch round number
* Eliminated stopwatch text overlapping warmup message
* Rewritten environmental effects and shaders
* Fixed: buildable not filtering out airstrike artillery as airstrike type damage
* Updated dropbox fragments now bounce and reflect more realistically and don't bounce in a heap if shot
* Added dg_buildable capture feature
* Fixed shooter_rocket entity having no model assigned
* Updated stopwatch mode, defenders now influence next round timelimit
* Added g_goomba server cvar to enable players falling ontop other players inflict damage.
* Fixed - Ready percent calculation includes spectators
* Fixed - script action "globalaccum abort_if_XXXXXXX" function causes illegal op
* Updated - allow client names use black
* Updated - Players now have number of rounds they have played tracked
* Added server logging for RoundWinner: <red | blue | tie>
* Added server logging for WeaponStats: <player_id> <round_#> <weaponmask> [<weapon1 info> .. <weaponN info>] <dmg_given> <dmg_rcvd> <team_dmg> <gibs>
* Fixed - Dying puts you not ready in warmup
* Fixed - Stopwatch mode doesn't swap players at the end of the match
* Fixed All relevant entities check for players stuck inside and will push them out
* Fixed dg_buildable damage flags not interpreting properly
* Fixed dg_parts on linux server initial bounding box calculation preventing spawn
* Fixed parachute not detaching when landing on ladder
* Extended color escape codes in ui and cgame
* Added extra hud options to main and ingame menu
* Added seperate crosshair menu
* Added "damageflags" to dg_buildable so damage types could be set
* Removed damage related spawnflags from dg_buildable
* Added "NOSERVERCONTROL" spawnflag to dg_buildable to disable server control via g_buildableDamageControl
* Fixed inventory item health not scaling or displaying correctly for item_dg_part
* Fixed respawning items default and quantity health not getting set correctly for item_dg_part
* Fixed "item dropped" sound being played when it is currently invisible for item_dg_part
* All relevant entities check for players stuck inside and will push them out
* Added wm_announce_team <teamnum> <"textmessage"> scripting command
* Added wm_announce_activator <"textmessage"> scripting command
* Re-written camera code, now uses script parsing and loading on the server for origin placement to eliminate need for clients to send origins to server through a client message which may not have gotten through
* Added dynamic values to be used in place of just about any action value parameter
* Added server cvar g_buildableDamageControl which controls buildable damage via g_buildableDamageFlags
* Added server cvar g_buildableDamageFlags which sets types of damage buildable will suffer
Add together the numbers for different damage types, default 21
* Fixed - playsound script action sometimes plays incorrect sound
* Added - game version numbering and checking
	Serverinfo shows "gameversion" with degeneration version number
	client checks when connecting and disconnects with "incompatible version" message
* Fixed - Player falling from great height doesn't gib/kill player
* Fixed - vrtcw maps not loading "secret documents" objectives on linux server
* Fixed - dynamite can potentially damage own objecive
* Fixed - item_dg_part not respawning after added to buildable
* Added server command g_dropboxControl which enables server control of dropboxes which don't have "NOSERVERCONTROL" spawnflag set
* Added server command g_dropboxItem1 which sets Which item to spawn
* Added server command g_dropboxItem2 which sets which item to spawn
* Added server command g_dropboxItem3 which sets which item to spawn
* Added server command g_dropboxItem1Count which sets Number of item 1 to spawn
* Added server command g_dropboxItem2Count which sets Number of item 2 to spawn
* Added server command g_dropboxItem3Count which sets Number of item 3 to spawn
* Added automatic "show" event when this is called for the entity to showentity script command
* Added automatic "hide" event when this is called for the entity to hideentity script command
* Added globalaccum support to IF scripting command
* Added bit 0 to 31 referencing for accum and globalaccum to IF scripting command
* Added dynamic strings to be dynamically created from any number of accum, globalaccum values and text. It can be used for targetname and trigger calling in all script actions
* Added scoring for client destroying it based on score key of targeting trigger_objective_info, compatible with vrtcw objective setup to dg_buildable
* Added rumble of explosive doing damage, compatible with vrtcw to dg_buildable
* Can now take damage from entities other than clients, such as func_explosive etc to dg_buildable
* Added "delay" key, will wait this amount of seconds before spawning in to dg_dropbox
* Added "trigger_allies" and "trigger_axis" keys, set value for activator team specific triggers to target_script_trigger entity
* Added OSP compatible logging
* Fixed - Buildable skips pain stages at death
* Fixed - g_timelimitscenerio changes dynamically at client but server needs map restart
* Fixed - trigger_Objectiveinfo entities interfere with builable triggers for engineers repair function
* Updated - buildable hint show only if repairable by client
* Added - buildable dyno_only spawnflag for dynamitable objectives
* dg_warehouse - fixed objective pictures, edited script
* dg_arctic - fixed objective pictures, edited script
* dg_harbor - removed fogclip
* dg_harbor - replaced canopy patches in generator room with brushes
* dg_trainyard - removed fogclip restriction
* dg_trainyard - added another path on Axis side
* dg_trainyard - adjusted the rain
* dg_shipment - fixed flatbed patch mesh issue where it shows through
* dg_shipment - added snow atmosphere effects
* dg_shipment - fixed objective pictures, edited script
* dg_shipment - added snow environmental effects
* dg_crossing - added another spawn room at upper area of generator room
* dg_crossing - built path from new spawn room to outdoor side area
* dg_crossing - made side walls higher so as not to cause death
* dg_crossing - fixed objective pictures, edited script
* dg_crossing - cliped the curved hallways for people with nocurves set
* dg_crossing - changed brushes behind from caulk
* dg_egypt - darkened up textures
* dg_aztek - darkened up textures
* dg_aztek - fixed overlapping brushes
* dg_normandy - removed fogclip restriction
* dg_normandy - fixed grating clipping in base spawn area
* dg_normandy - fixed mispelling in team-wolf-objective
* dg_normandy - fixed axis generator angle to match allies generator angle
* dg_normandy - adjusted rain
* dg_arnhem - changed water shader to 1 stage to save fps
* dg_arnhem - removed tcmod scale from water shader to save fps
* dga_trainyard - new
* dga_crossing - new
* dga_commlink - new
* dga_base - new
* dga_beach - new
* dg_greatnore - new
* dgdm_flow - new
* dgdm_shortarm - new
* dgdm_longarm - new
* dgdm_longpipe - new
* dgdm_shortpipe - new
* dgdm_snowcabin - new
* dgdm_chalice - new
* dgdm_warehouse - new

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