This script is a simple demo player for linux.


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This script is a simple demo player for linux.

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Download 'demo4linux-1.2.tar.gz' (30KB)

Demo4linux v1.2 - First RTCW demo-player for Linux

About this software: 

Author: ++Gothic++ [email protected]

Date of create:   version 1.0 - 21.07.2002 4:00 a.m. ;) 
                          version 1.1 - 22.07.2002 
                          version 1.2 - 28.07.2002 



Why i wrote this: make your life easier??? i think, i know that this script is nothing big but it's cool to make something.

Instalation and requires:

Run "" as root by typing in console 


if it don't run change permission to this file by typing 

chmod 755 

Configure Your system: 

Now (in case You're useing KDE, but i think in Gnome i should look similar) right mouse buton on any demo file (this script is design only for version 1.33, so it's support *.dm_59 files) and chose "Modify file type", next in "Aplication Preferencion" section click on "Add" --> "Browse" and chose "" script.

Run demo: 

Copy demo into Your "home" folder and clkick it. After watching it delete demo file, remember to have only one "*.dm_59" file in your "/home" directory. In other way this program will not work. If you want to watch any older demos, change they sufix to ".dm_59" .

Demo control keys: 

fast forward: keypad enter
slow motion: keypad delete
increase speed: keypad plus
decrease speed: keypad minus
pause demo: pause key
quit demo: keypad end

Recording demo: 

Press F8 key to start recording, in the same way You can stop record.
Your demos are stored in "/home/[user]/.wolf/main/demos"


To ++NASA++, Magda, Marysia, Jajo, Jachu and all friends. 
To Ralph Stoesser author of Wolf Demo Player ( for his help. 
To guyes that make avaible to play RTCW on linux and guy who make linux drivers for Zoltrix Spirit.

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