DGDM Underground



A great map released for the DeGeneration mod, I realize this map has been released by it's developer a few weeks ago, but, better late then never! If you're a fan of the DeGeneration mod, then you'll enjoy this map greatly!

See the readme for more information.



<---- DgDm Underground ---->

____General Information____

Description:		Deathmatch map for RtCW DeGeneration
Title:			Underground Deathmatch
Build date:			February 26, 2005   -to-   April 17, 2005
PK3 Name:			dgdm_underground.pk3
BSP Name;			dgdm_underground.bsp
Max # Players:		32
Author:			BigBadWolf (Bryan)
Email Address:		[email protected]
Web:				http://www.aethergames.com

____Technical Information____

Editor Used:		GTK Radiant 1.4.0
Compiler Used:		Q3MAP2 1.5.16
Compile time:		2hr: 52min: 19sec
Brush Count:		4853
Entity Count:		786
Shader Files:		6
Texture Count:		187 (some not used in this map) 60.3MB
BSP Size:			17.4MB
MAP size:			2.95MB

____Installation Instructions____

If you have beta tested, or have any other previous versions of this map, DELETE them befor installing!
Extract the file &quot;dgdm_underground.pk3&quot; into the  <Return to Castle Wolfenstein>/Degeneration  folder.
You are set to go!

____Special Features____

Switchable lights
Wherever a Red Cross sign is, health might be near by...
New Blood decals
Complete high detail LightMapping
New Sounds
New Textures


Your comments, wrather compliments or constructive criticism, bug reports and anything else, is always welcome
Email to: [email protected]
Website: Still on its way.

____Special Thanks____

Most thanks goes out to Codey, of the Degeneration Team, for tolerating my anoying ass, teaching me about mapping, and answering all the questions that poar out of my mouth.
Thanks to JackAce for his ignorant inspiration as well as Timmay for his disturbing, yet insightful ideas/comments.
A thanks to all those who have tested my map as well, befor its inital release.
Another good thanks to those who have created some of these textures and released them free to the public, I wont claim your work as mine, as it is a job well done and credit due. But sorry i dont know who you are!

If i missed anyone, i apoligise and thank you for your help and input!

This map, and contents (accept some textures), Copywrite BigBadWolf (Bryan Kane)

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