Difficult Times

Here's a map where the allied forces are attempting to steal top secret war documents from an Axis Storage installation and escape to their...


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Here's a map where the allied forces are attempting to steal top secret war documents from an Axis Storage installation and escape to their waiting truck.

My first confusion with the map was the 2 totally different names: Difficult times and mp river. Well I finally choosed Difficult times as the actual name of the map and mp_river just as the short name for the pak and map file :)

So the Allies have to break into the installation, found 3 ways to do that. Trough the front wall you can blow up, and propably get caught in crossfire from both sides, elevated positions, fortunatly the area is full of grates, but not tall enough, might save you from a few bullets when you crouch though. Second way is to go with the tram, which fortunatly moves quite fast but still leaves you without cover for some time, but if you load it up with enough ppl who each cover a certain area atleast half should make it trough aslong as someone doesnt send a panzerfaust into the tram :D and as long as all enemy gets taken down fast. And the 3rd way is quite similiar to the second, only you go on the cables, fun considering the height is quite nice, though when you get in trouble and have the river under your feet you can make a nice dive and escape.

Overall there are no gun points even though allies could use a few to atleast give em some back up when they try to get in. Seemed not very balanced. Though Axis has a bit longer respawn time.

Now for the actual tech/mapping side: The author had used some curved surfaces, custom textures and custom models, which was very nice of him :) I first thought it was a bit wierd that there were so many ladders, It aint very confy for ppl to constantly climb ladders in real life. And quite a few rooms were totally empty, while some other rooms were actually very nicely mapped. And the nifty detail behind some of the elements.. Like the hole in the wall and the shovels and lamps near it showing there had been some work on it (though why dig a hole into your front wall, from the inside, maybe repairs ?) The flag seemed a bit useless, as it was right next to the bridge machinery which had to be blown up in order to lower the bridge, though after you actually crossed the bridge you had quite a long run before you reached the truck, all in open allowing snipers to take down the folks who even got near to the dropped documents.

I'd want to play it online with 15-20 folks to see how it goes and if I was correct or not but currently Id say the map could offer some nice fun with enough people.

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Download 'mp_river.zip' (2.71MB)

Title                   : Difficult Times
Filename                : MP_river.pk3
Author(s)               : TC
Release Date            : feb 3rd 2002

* Construction *

Map base                : NONE
Editors used            : 2 rolls of sticky tape
Other utilities used    : A rubber hammer 
Known bugs              : 

* Copyright / Permissions *

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e.
 put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money.

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