Here's another great new Single Player map called 'Enigma'. It's from the folks over at Fangio Design and what a great job they've done!!!

The German U Boat-fleet is attacking the US-British convoys sailing the Atlantic to supply England's war effort. The largest problem of the allied military forces in those days is named "ENIGMA" : a machine newly inserted on the German U-Boats designed to encode radio messages.you once again assume the role of BJ to capture and safely retrieve an "Enigma" machine. [/quote] Here's a nice single player adventure,which once again you take to combat as BJ. The game starts out in enemy territory as BJ fights his way into the heart of the German defense in search of the German U-Boat radio decoder machine "Enigma". The maps are solid with bug free play,the AI enemies respond well and make for some tatical decisions to be made.Moving on to the next map segment isn't a simple passing thru the door,a nice addition to the game called Looking around for a hiiden switch etc is tossed in. The maps are pretty standard in design,but designs and layout are original. Familiar characters from the original game make appearances and most of the original voice scripts are repeated,but with new scenary. Overall SP fans will enjoy this.I certainly did. As to faults,none really in mapping or scripts or on the technical side,I would have thought BJ would have been a bit more equipped on the start of his mission,no grenades or American weapons,but then again maybe we just pick up BJ during a short handed moment? Download and Enjoy! Hurry up Fangio we want more! Det Pak



Single Player Map "ENIGMA" Version 1.2 - 30.05.2002

Mapping : Fangio/Germany
Script	: Fangio
EMail   : [email protected]
Page    : www.fangio.de/rtcw.htm

Credits:	fiesling	(Tuts, testing)
	nightwolf	(script-problems, testing)

copy the pk3-map file in to your RtCW path main/
Start the map from console with: /spdevmap enigma	

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