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View any rtcw demo in any way you want to see it for any player. Check it out!

Thanks to Clan BooZZe!


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View any rtcw demo in any way you want to see it for any player. Check it out!

Thanks to Clan BooZZe!

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Download 'edv.zip' (626KB)

how do I use it ?

unzip this archive into {PATH_TO_RTCW}/edv/

run the mod via, options->mods->extended demo viewer

run your favorite rtcw demo (/demo yourdemoname), the demo must be placed in the "edv/demos" folder.
there are three new cmd's:

/freecam => gives you ability to turn around the mouse while watching demo's
/players => gives a list of all the players and their clientNum
/mview => popups a new window and follows the player specified in cg_mViewPlayer cVar.

cg_mViewPlayer => clientNum of the player you want to follow in the multiview window
cg_mViewFullscreen => 1/0 
cg_mViewWidth => width of mview window (max 640)
cg_mViewHeight => height of mview window (max 480)
cg_mViewX => x positie of mview window, 0-640 
cg_mViewY => y positie of mview window, 0-480 

when you are mview'ing, it's best you set r_fastsky to 1

when you are mview'ing in fullscreenmode, you will not hear the sound of the player you are watching,
but the sounds of the player who has taken the demo

running the included demo:

start edv and type: 

/demo example
/cg_mviewplayer 1
/cg_draw2d 0

I recieve a message "no data", what does it mean ?

you only recieve (via the network) info of players/entities who are in your pvs (potentially visible set) with other words, 
players/entities that you can see/hear, if you can't, their data will not be available. So most of the times you will only
be able to spectate clients who are close to you.

future releases?

maybe, if there's positive response on it. (some ideas: dragable mview window, follow-rocket-camera => but I was to lazy to put it in this version)

linux version?

hmzl, when I'm not lazy I will compile it once.



thanks to: pack (for giving me some ideas), my clans SOff! and BooZZE, quake3world forums and YOU !(sweet isn't it ?)


http://rtcwmods.d-e-sign.be (uc)

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