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This file will add funny sentences to the arrow keys and the 6 keys above. The DOWN arrow shows a menu what the other buttons will say when...


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This file will add funny sentences to the arrow keys and the 6 keys above. The DOWN arrow shows a menu what the other buttons will say when pressed.

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-------------------*RtcW FastWriter Funbox*-------------------

This program is made by the Stealthy Hunter Clan, in order to make team play more easy. It is created for ID's Return To Castle Wolfenstein, and should not be used in any other application.
This readme file contains:
0. Terms of service
1. Version control
2. Installation
3. Specifications
4. Manual
5. FAQ
6. Credits
7. Reactions
8. Wishes

0. Terms of Service:

A. By using this tool you declare that the authors do not accept any responsibility involving the use and features of this program. This means that if something goes wrong using this program (READ THE INSTALLATION GUIDE FIRST) we are not accepting any responsibility. 

B. There is no copyright on this program, so you are free to alter it anyway you like. 

C. This program is freeware, and may therefor not be sold.

D. When altering this program we ask you kindly not to delete any referals of us or our site. 

1. Version control

Version 1.0
First Funbox version. No bugs detected.

2. Installation

-CAUTION: BEFORE installing this program, make ABSOLUTELY SURE that none of these keys are used to play WOLFENSTEIN MULTIPLAYER:

Arrowkeys (the 4 seperate ones) 
6 keys above it (Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page up, Page down

If any of these keys have an ORIGINAL INGAME FUNCTION, then you should NOT, I repeat, NOT install this program.
In that case go into wolfenstein and change the fuctions of those peticular buttons. Afterwards you can install FastWriter without problems.

- Unzip the downloaded zipfile into your main RtcW folder. It might want to replace any old versions of files , but since this is an improvement, let it overwrite). If you have previous versions of FastWriter, it will ask to overwrite up to 15 files. These are all files that were ONLY used in the previous FastWriter, so no need to worry about making backups of them. Replacing them is exactly what a new version is about.

- Doubleclick the file "autoexec.cfg" in your Wolfenstein Main map (default c:\program files\return to castle wolfenstein\main). A menu appears. Make sure the box is UNchecked, and choose notepad from the list of programs that appears. Now you will see a little bit of text (mostly only 2 words or so). Just beneath what's inthere, you add this:
exec funbox.cfg
Close notepad, and when it asks to save, choose YES. 
- Every time you start Wolfenstein funbox will autoload. 

3. Specifications
This file will: 
Add funny sentences to the arrow keys and the 6 keys above.
The DOWN arrow shows a menu what the other buttons will say when pressed.

4. Manual

Press the downarrow when installed to show a menu. Pressing any of the other buttons will make you say a funny message.

5. FAQ

Q: I already used one of the buttons on my numeric pad, 
but your program added another function to it. Can i change it back?
A: You can, but you 'll have to delete the commands in all the xxxxxwords.cfg files.
It would be much easier to just choose another button though. Your choice ;)

Q: Why isn't my question inhere?
A: Because we didn't see it coming :p
Just email us, or visit the site (, 
and post it on the messageboards.

6. Credits

FastWriter Basic:

Special thanks to [SH]Silverfang for making the first wolfset, containing the voicechats.
Special thanks to [SH]Doc for creating the flash on the FastWriter website
Special thanks to [Ifurita] for the idea and method of the FastWriter Pro version.
Special thanks to the Fastwriter Bètatesters: 
Sir killalot

7. Reactions

If you have any comments on or problems with this script, don't hesitate: email me at, or go find an SH member on Wolfenstein, or at #SH on the IRC Planetarion server.  Or even better: visit the website (, and post a question on the forum.

8. Wishes
I hope you enjoy the game even more now


[SH]Braindead, and the whole SHclan.

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