The tool was developed by the Stealthy Hunters Return To Castle Wolfenstein Clan, in order to make communication between teammembers more ea...


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The tool was developed by the Stealthy Hunters Return To Castle Wolfenstein Clan, in order to make communication between teammembers more easy. The main feature of the tool is that it converts the numeric keypad on your keyboard into an interactive sentenceboard. That means that for every official map this program attaches 16 sentences to 16 of the 17 buttons of the numpad. The seventeenth button, the ENTER, is used to cycle through the maps. Next to the sentences, FastWriter also has a quick voicetext function: if you cycle through all maps you will find that one of the cycles attaches voicecommands to the 16 buttons. This way you don't need to look for the v34 command to say thanks for example.

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-------------------*RtcW fastwriter*-------------------

This program is made by the Stealthy Hunter Clan, in order to make team play more easy.
It is created for ID's Return To Castle Wolfenstein, and should not be used in any other application.

This readme file contains:

0. Terms of service
1. Version control
2. Installation
3. Specifications
4. Manual
5. FAQ
6. Credits
7. Reactions
8. Wishes

0. Terms of Service:

A. By using this tool you declare that the authors do not accept any responsibility involving the use and features of this program. This means that if something goes wrong using this program (READ THE INSTALLATION GUIDE FIRST) we are not accepting any responsibility. 

B. There is no copyright on this program, so you are free to alterit anyway you like. 

C. This program is freeware, and may therefor not be sold.

D. When altering this program we ask you kindly not to delete any referals of us or our site. 

1. Version control

Versions 0 (tests)

Version 0.1:  First testing version, distributed only to clanmembers.  Only contains scripted words for the maps beach, base, assault and depot

Version 0.2:  Fixed a stupid error that prevented cycling further then voicechats.	Added 10 more voicechats (arrowkeypad) Made RtcWfastwriter compatible with the logfile analyser. (PAUSE key) 

Version 0.3:  Added maps sub, village and destruction.  Added the LOL and Energy sentences to each map.  Added an FAQ to this readme file.

Versions 1 (definitive versions)

Version 1.0	First complete version! 	Added map Castle, Added a wordfile containing all sentences and the apropriate buttons. Added an advertising button,  Deleted the arrowkeypadfunctions again 
(for causing conflict with some testusers.)
Version 1.1	Deleted the intensity 3 command.  (for causing conflict with Punkbuster in combination with pure servers.) 	(more explanation : see below)

Version 1.2	Unbinded a few F-keys so the automated screenshot (F-11) can be used.  Also F-12 now makes the advert run in stead of the backspace.

2. Installation

-CAUTION: BEFORE installing this program, make ABSOLUTELY SURE that none of these keys are used to play WOLFENSTEIN MULTIPLAYER:

Numeric keypad (everything to the RIGHT of the arrows
Pause key (above the arrows) 	
Pdg Up
Pdg Down
F-5 till F-12

If any of these keys have an ORIGINAL INGAME FUNCTION, then you should NOT, I repeat, install this program. In that case go into wolfenstein and change the fuctions of those peticular buttons.

- If you doubt you will like this program (which would surprise us all :p), you should make a backup of your wolfset.cfg file (in the main directory of your wolfenstein files) (usually C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\main). If you have one that is. If you don't, there 's no need to backup anything.

- Unzip the file into your main RtcW folder. It might want to replace any old versions of files (like wolfset.cfg), but since this is an improvement, let it overwrite). If you have previous versions of FastWriter, it will ask to overwrite up to 15 files. These are all files that were ONLY used in the previous FastWriter, so no need to worry about making backups of them. Replacing them is exactly what a new version is about.

- If not done yet, create a shortcut to RtcW onto your desktop. Right-click on it, and add +exec wolfset.cfg behind the quotation marks. (You only need to do this the first time you instal a FastWriter. If you are just updating your previous FastWriter version, you can skip this step.) (If you do not understand this go to the site:

- Start wolfenstein using that shortcut (afterwards you can start up using pathfinder and such programs too, but the first time you need to use that specific shortcut).

-Press the enterbutton on your numeric keyboard when you are in a multiplayergame. (The Enterkey in the lower right corner of your keyboard). You 'll see a message on your screen if it works. If it doesn't, consult the FAQ section.

3. Specifications
This file will:  Add functions to the F3 to F12 buttons
Add an extended fastwriting script to the numeric pad of your keyboard

Set a button to toggle the logfile on or off.

Add a function to the backspace button: pressing it will type an ad for FastWriter

4. Manual
- FastWriting script:
For each (official) map there 's a script containing sentences you can say by just pressing a button on the numeric keypad. 

For sidebased maps (beach, assault, base), the buttons are 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 for axis sentences, and 7,8,9,numlock,/,* for allied sentences.

For maps with a mutual objective (trenchtoast, destruction, depot,...) buttons 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 contain defensive sentences, while   7 ,8,9,numlock,/,* contain sentences considdering offense.

Pressing Enter will switch the scripts for each map. Pressing it repeatedly therefor cycles through the maps.

The scripts also contain a voicechatscript,  that attaches voicechats (like v43 for thank you) to the numeric buttons.

- always says you are dead
+ always says you ll be right there
0 always says LOL
. always says you are out of energy

- Function buttons
If you press a function button (F3-F12) in the game, you will see a message on the screen "You will respawn as a ..." with ... being a function, sometimes accompanied by a weapon, like "You will respawn as a soldier with a panzerfaust".

Obviously when you die you will respawn as that function. This is very usefull when wanting to respawn as another function, but with to little time left on the respawn clock to go into limbo mode, and select the function you want. Now you just press F5 for example to turn into a medic. 

- Logfile button
This function is usefull when wanting to make logfiles (especially clans do that to monitor their members)(or if you play alone you can just see your own progress).

When you are ingame, press the PAUSE key to turn the logfile on or off. Standard position = OFF.
The logfile will then start recording every kill: who killed someone, who was killed, by what weapon, etc. It also calculates your Kills/death rate. This is the amount of people you killed before being killed yourself. (It 's a good way to measure your progress, but remember that killing isn't the only thing in the game.) This program does not contain a program to view the logfiles though.

- Brightness
Wolfenstein normally starts using the default set "1" for intensity, but since most players think this is to dark to see the enemy running on beach for instance, that they turn the intensity to 3. This is pretty complicated (you need to restart wolfenstein each time), so i put it in this script. Wolfenstein will now set the intensity to 3 at each startup. 

This feature has been DELETED in the 1.1 version. That is done because punkbuster can sometimes start acting weird when the server you 're on is pure, and punkbuster is enabled.  The fact is: Punkbuster considers changing the brightness as CHEATING, and will therefore kick you if you play on a pure punkbustermap. When it kicks you, you ll be BANNED for 60 minutes! To disable this problem i left the brightness thing out.

Pressing the backspace button will make an add for Fastwriter appear in the game. It consists of the website to download the program, and some more info.

5. FAQ
Q:  When pressing enter to cycle the different maps the map i 'm in isn't included.
A:  FastWriter only has sentences for the Official maps. These include the basic maps, and the official add-ons. This is done because there are WAY too many unofficial maps.

Q:  When using enter to cycle to a specific map, the display says couldn't exec xxxxxwords.cfg (with xxxxx being that map).

A:  The system for this map is created in the cycle, but the sentences aren't made yet.  This means you have a Testing version of FastWriter, which doesn't contain every map yet.

Q:  I want to change one or more of the sentences... is this possible?

A:  It is, but i won't explain how here. Check out our site ( to see how you should do that. 

Q:  I already used one of the buttons on my numeric pad, but your program added another function to it. Can i change it back?

A:  You can, but you 'll have to delete the commands in all the xxxxxwords.cfg files.  It would be much easier to just choose another button though. Your choice ;)

Q:  Why isn't my question inhere?

A:  Because we didn't see it coming :p

Just email us, or visit the site (, 
and post it on the messageboards.

6. Credits
Special thanks to [SH]Silverfang for making the first wolfset, only containing the voicechats.

Special thanks to [SH]Doc for creating the flash on the FastWriter website
Special thanks to  the Fastwriter Bètatesters	Sir killalot, [d4n1]StriDer,   [GoT]Furious, [DLC]Punkett 

7. Reactions
If you have any comments on or problems with this script, don't hesitate: email me at, or go find an SH member on Wolfenstein, or at #SH on the IRC Planetarion server.  Or even better: visit the website (, and post a question on the forum.

8. Wishes
I hope you enjoy the game even more now


[SH]Braindead, and the whole SHclan.

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