Final Fight

This is a capture the point objective map.

Map Review By HotShot

Objectives: Both Axis and Allies must capture 3 points an...


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File Description

This is a capture the point objective map.

Map Review By HotShot

Objectives: Both Axis and Allies must capture 3 points and hold them all for 30 seconds to win. (see the screenshots for the capture points.)Note: At the capture point in the cells you have to blow part of the railings up with a grenade to get access to the flag.

1495-1.jpg 1495-2.jpg 1495-3.jpg

Overall: This is a tightly made map with small rooms which should mean alot of killing :) The maker ofd this map Milypan said he put 8 spawn points for each side so i would reccomend playing with a maximum of 16 players (8 on each side).There is 3 capture points and the fact that these are in tightly made places gives the map a + and - point. Ther - side is that there is not much room to get about in but in the kitchen you can atleast blow up the furniture :). The + side is that it makes it that little bit easier to defend the capture points.Overall this is not my kind of map but looking at it on a neutral perspective (big word for me lol) Its an ok map which will allow for quick killing and it will also require each side to work as a team. There is a secret passage that leads to one of the capture points but which one you will have to find out yourself ;). Theres no hint in the map to get you to this passage so ill give you a clue. Look for a certain medipack and blow it up or think what its like to be locked up!. If you want a change from the standard maps and like fiercly faught battles which will require alot of team work then get this map. Also with this being a fairly small map with a maximum of 16 players it should mean less lag :)

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Download '' (1.26MB)

itle                   : New Episode / Final Fight PRO
Filename                :
Author                  : Przecinek
Release Date            : 15:16 AM 17/13/2001
Email Address           :
Home Page               :
Game                    : Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer

Map base                : New Map 
Custom textures		: Sfastika by FritzKrieg / Textures from SP
Editors used            : GTK Radiant 1.1.1
Known bugs              : Some texture issues .

* How to Install  *

- Make sure you have the Return to Castle Wolfenstein full version     installed.
- Put this PK3 file to your Return to Castle Wolfensteinmain directory 
  along with other pk3 files such as : Pak0.pk3 or Mp_pak0.pk3
* Description *

Map for about 10 players . Objective is not only to cap
ture all three flags by allies but also hold them for 30 seconds.

Good Game !

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