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Menzel's 2nd RTCW map is a new twist on the game.The Allies discover the Axis have recovered an unknown type of aircraft and technology fro...


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Menzel's 2nd RTCW map is a new twist on the game.The Allies discover the Axis have recovered an unknown type of aircraft and technology from it could swiftly end the war! Their mission is to break into a top secret facility along the coast of Germany and steal information on the new discovery they have obtained.What's so important that they have to get in!! Well if your reading this for the first time ..I'm not telling,but once inside a startling discovery awaits.The Allies have to blast thru one of 2 available Gates in the front and push into the complex,one capture point is inside for the Allies to take. It's hard to believe that after "Tundra Outpost" was so well recieved that Menzel could equal his first outing. The night mission is such a contrast to the last daylight/cold artic meeting with the Axis that "Foo Fighter" is a totally new experience from the last map. Lighting and attention to detail inside the Axis base are top notch,the balance of the gameplay does favor the Axis though..But wait,aren't the Allies supposed to be the underdogs in this mission?? This is one of the most original storylines yet for a RTCW map and I highly recommend this one for your collection! Det Pak


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Return to Castle Wolfenstein custom map
Title:                                  Foo Fighter
Version:                           1.0 (Final)
Release Date:                03/14/02
Filename:                        dm_ufo.bsp
Game Types:                  MP and SW modes  
# of Players:                    10-32 (spawnpoints for 16 players per team)
Author:                              Tom "Menzel" Haskins
Email Address:               [email protected]
other RTCW Maps:        Tundra Outpost for RTCW (mp_tundra)
---General Information/description---      

Startling evidence has surfaced that the Axis may have obtained high level technology of unknown origin that could give them complete superiority in the air war over Europe. Reconnaissance has shown heavy activity in one particular coastal base as of late - Allied command believes this base contains top secret information on their plans for implementing this new technology into the Luftwaffe. Rumors exist that the Axis may even have direct knowledge of the "Foo Fighter", the mysteriously odd shaped aircraft reported by allied pilots during airborne combat. The Allies must break into the base, locate any documents related to the top secret technology and transmit them to Allied HQ.

Allied Objectives:

Primary Objective:          Breach the gates to the Axis base.
Primary Objective:          Locate the Foo Fighter secret documents.
Primary Objective:          Get to the radio room and transmit the secret        documents.
Secondary Objective:    Capture the reinforcement Flag.

Axis Objectives:
Primary Objective	:Defend the base gates.
Primary Objective	:Defend the Foo Fighter top secret documents.
Secondary Objective	:Stop the Allies from transmitting the secret documents.
Secondary Objective	:Capture the reinforcement Flag.
--- Installation ---
Extract the mp_ufo.pk3 file to your "X:Return to Castle WolfensteinMain" directory.  Where X: is the root directory you installed Wolfenstein in.

---Build time/tools---
Approximately 80-100 hours using GTKRadiant 1.2.1, Easygen and the Wolf SDK.

---Other info---
This map has a visual effect that can only be seen if dynamic lights are enabled in Wolfenstein. To enable them inside the game go to options, performance and set dynamic lights to YES. They do affect performance in-game, so use them only if your hardware can handle the overhead.

---Additional Credits to---
Thanks to Tram Design (the best site for info on Wolf editing), Grey Matter and the level testers who helped with all the great ideas and feedback.
---Copyright / Permissions---
This level is copyrighted by Tom Haskins 2002.
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit

You MAY distribute this PK3/BSP through any electronic network (internet,
FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive

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