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Version 1.0 Final (FullVis) --Improved structural integrity with assistance from DemonEye --Rearranged some entrances to e...


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Version 1.0 Final (FullVis) --Improved structural integrity with assistance from DemonEye --Rearranged some entrances to enhance performance --Improved VIS --Improved Club lights --Adjusted terrains for higher FPS

Objectives: --MP gameplay; dynamite objectives --Axis must defend their top scientist's escape chopper and defeat the allied invasion. --Allies must infiltrate Fort Verlauf and destroy the prototype helicopter while protecting their field operations.

Features: --Supports up to 64 players --3 Potential spawn locations per team --Dozens of hiding places, some sniper spots --Club, with some music --**NEW** Grab the Gate flag or the Power core flag to reduce your team's respawn time!! Can drastically alter game outcome. --**BONUS** Be sure to get the DNCSounds pak to play with. It adds Duke Nukem and Cartman sounds into the Voice Chat menus. --Deployment flags reduce respawn time by 5 seconds for that team as long as they hold it --The result of fighting over respawn flags is not yet known.

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Fort Verlauf (mp_fortverlauf) V1.0
by SuperDieSeL ( --- MSN Messenger user)
Visit the Happy Penguin forums at

--Add the PK3 file to your main folder (c:\program files\rtcw\main)
--Create a server or connect to one running "mp_fortverlauf"

About the Map:
  A.  Balance
Fort Verlauf was made to be a balanced large-scale map that it could be enjoyed regardless of number of players.
Spawnkilling is near impossible as the spawnpoints are placed in areas with multiple exits and hiding places.
However, a good team will still spawnkill a bad team.  Both objectives are easily defendable.  All weapons were
taken into account, and there are good spots for snipers, flamers, panzers, and airstrikes to control areas.

  B.  Fun
Not everyone wants to blow up the objective over and over every single day.  People like secret areas where they
can stab each other and chat.  Verlauf has sports, music, and dancing for anyone's recreational needs.  Chuck nades
at the axis basketball goal, dive off the 3rd story power core to goomba, or hit the DJ Booth in the club.

  C.  Spawn-timer reduction flags
Sometimes its a pain to wait a whole 30 seconds to respawn.  Due to the success of wolf scripting, I was able to add
extra capture-flags into the map.  Upon claiming one of these areas, your team will receive a 5 second respawn-time
reduction.  If your team holds both flags, then your default respawn time will be 20 seconds (instead of 30).  There
is no way to monitor whether the flags are under your control.  So you will have to keep in contact with your team-
mates (this is what teamplay is all about).

Technical Info:
--Pre-final FPS results:
----GeForce 4200 (128mb card) tested at 38-43FPS in most areas with handful of players (/com_maxfps 43)
----ATI Radeon 7200 (32mb card) tested at 25-35FPS while facing large areas (/com_maxfps 43)
----Dynamic Lighting enabled on my GeForce4 reduced FPS by bout 10-18
--Final FPS results:
----R_speeds maintained below 10k in the majority of outside areas.
----R_speeds are about 3k-4k in the majority of inside areas.
--It is still suggested to play this map with Dynamic Lighting OFF (unless you are in the Club)
--No animals were harmed in the production of this map.

Build Info:
--Project started on Jan 1, 2003
--Beta build was compiled via Q3Map, distributed with GTKRadiant
--Final build was compiled via Q3Map2 by ydnar
--GTKRadiant used to create map file
--Q3MapBuildTime (Pre-final version of map):  FastVis 6 minutes, Light 36.5 minutes
--Q3Map2BuildTime (Pre-final version of map):  FastVis 56 seconds, Light 8 minutes
--Q3Map2BuildTime (Optimized final version):  BSP 5 minutes, FullVis 36 seconds, Light 10.5 minutes
----Visdatasize: 126472
----5 Average # of passages per leaf
----5 MB required passage memory

Revision History:
--Used Q3Map2 to compile the map, much faster than the default GTKRadiant BSP batching
--Fixed glass on all new windows.  Texture now displays from both sides properly.
--Added DJ booth to the club.
--Polished up Ops boxes, lets people have a bit more room now
--Added custom textures (for everyone's favorite nazi!)
--Fixed the readme!!

--Improved FDA.  Now both teams can boost over boxes to get to the flag first.
--Improved Cell Blocks.  The area is developed for large amounts of fighting now.
--Improved Warehouse.  New rooms and the support beams can be reached.
--Improved Axis base near chopper.
--Corrected clip brushes

--Added some custom artwork
--Detailed a few more things, map is at 99%.
--Modified the lighting in some areas
--Released to public for comments and suggestions 

--This is not a REBUILD
--Added levelshots, objective shots.
--Disabled objective shots until i figure out what format they're supposed to be

--Fixed most vis issues involving seeing other areas thru sky
--Added all lighting, testing to ensure quality
--Spruced up the base front
--Fixed the basketball goal
--Lit up the tunnel
--Added power core detailing and light
--Finished all detailing and lighting for the central part of the map
--Fixed an obvious chunk of script, chopper works now!
--Fixed a warehouse wall bug
--Fixed a warehouse crate texture mis-alignment
--Found reoccurring bug in the north wall tower window.
--Merged tunnel exit axis side for vis-improvement, fixed the brushes here too

--Fixed the chopper's wave file.  It still doesn't work :P
--Added detail to west halls, 2nd floor, and did another lighting pass
--Lowered my gamma so that I can see the map as others do :)
--Added some detailing around a few map spots, allied side and FDA
--Moved Axis spawn to where its supposed to be.
--Added a basketball goal to the axis side, screw it...its my map.

--Added FDA lighting
--Modified Power core detailing, added lighting
--Modified allied side lighting
--Flag was fixed for axis, but rear spawn acting different.

--Lighting in test for allies side of the map.  Marked as 100% until I test it out.
--Adjusted the revision list and todo list.  I only need 3 more major things until the map is compilable.
--Organized my bug list.  Anymore bugs will be listed as .01 revisions.
--Decided the map will reach 1.0 and not be changed from that point on.

--Discovered how to screw up my map by compiling with a batch file.
--Tested lighting

--Adjusted the Axis helipad tower.
--Raised the roof in the axis area.
--Added Spawntime reduction flags to the map.  Can we say BOOOYOOOWWW?

Beta V0.52b
--Adjusted the Axis helipad.  Now it looks good, has a tower too.
--Adjusted the FDA west hall.  Added some detail.
--Adjusted the Allies warehouse.  This has some better layout and detailing now.
--Adjusted the Allies garage.  Added some machine shop stuff to make it look nicer.

Beta V0.51b
--Fixed objective text
--Fixed some terrains, still testing outer base hill near staircase.
--Added some details to west halls.
--Fixed a rogue texture.
--Fixed axis bridge room.
--Objectives are scripted.


DemonEye		Map quality improvement (framerates & r_speeds)
SCDS_reyalP		Boiler prefab used in west halls.  Nice :)
Padwah			Mini tower prefab.  Danke
?????			The helipad.  It fit perfectly into the map, dunno who made it tho.
Dozens of HP players	Beta testing, comments, and feedback.  Thx a bunch.

LAShock, PenisMonkey, ComradE, ShadoW FoX, Donkey, BadWolf, SilverBullet, Seegster, Jesus, God, MadAddict, SuperHawk, 
& the rest of the HP gang, and Shitkicker for running the best RTCW server around.

Bug Reports / Feedback:
Contact me at

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