The objectives are in german so I'm going to guess at the maps plot. It looks like the Allies are attacking a Nazi water treatment plant fr...


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The objectives are in german so I'm going to guess at the maps plot. It looks like the Allies are attacking a Nazi water treatment plant from a small village. The Axis powers are experimenting with the water and making it deadly on contact. The Allies must break in and steal the research papers from the Axis to transmit them back to head quarters. Keep in mind that all of that was just speculation on my part.

The layout of this map is good. Despite having a terrible experience on this stage last time I played I think that the design is good. Perhaps a door that leads from the fenced in area to right behind the water would encourage the Allies to use that area to cut off the Axis from the flag alot more. Otherwise the fight takes place mainly at the flag or towards the Allies side. The Axis don't have to do too much to stay a head of the game but the Allies need to use team work to win. One such example is the fence outside the Axis base. The Allies can 'boost' over the fence and go around the main entrance.

Technically this map is pretty good. I couldn't find any errors with it. He even removed a lot of textures that players wouldn't normally see to improve game speed.

Drill Sgt Dante ADMIN NOTE: New readme file in english was sent to me on April 5, 2002 by the author of this map.


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Download '' (3.72MB)

*General Information
Version: 1.0 

Title                   : "Freeland"
Filename                : mp_freeland.pk3
Author                  : eraser    "Olli"
Release Date            : 03/04/2002
works on Map            : 10 weeks
Email Address           : [email protected] / [email protected]
Game                    : Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer
Gametyp                 : Wolfmp
File size               : 4.02MB
Recommended Players     : 12-20 Players
*Game Description* 

Allied Objectives:

Primary Objective   : Breach the Main Entrance.
Primary Objective   : Destroy the second Basis-Wall of the Axis.
Primary Objective   : Find and Steal the War-Dokuments.Bring the War-Dokuments to the other Side of the conterminate Water. 
                      Go to the Radio-Station and transmit the War Documents. 
Secundary Objective : Capture the Flag-Point.
Axis Objectives:

Primary Objective  : Hold off the Allied invasion before they breach the Main Entrance.
Primary Objective  : Prevent Allies from stealing the War Documents.
Primary objective  : Stop the Allieds before they transmit the war Documents in the Radio-Station.
Secondary Objective: Hold the Flag-Point.

* Construction *

Editors used            : GTK Radiant 1.2.1  /  1.2.4  /1.2.6
Other utilities used    : No
Known bugs              : The Axis and Allied-Targets in the Game are complete in german. Any "You are near"

* Play Information *

- Requires full version RtCW to run.
- Place the .pk3 file in the folder of X:RtCW installation folderMain
Compile Machine: * Pentium III 880Mhz   396MB SDRAM
                                  * Pentium  4  1.8 Ghz  256 DDR RAM 

Brushes:	        4311  
Point Lights:       619  
Culled Lights:    12
Area Lights:        1578
Entities:	        1145
Net Brush
Count:                  2531

Required Passage Memory: 53 Mb

65x100x06=39000 Grid

Compile Time: 
bsp     =       29 sec
vis       =     1596 sec
-light   =     1638 sec

-Great Thanks from all Tutorials of "Fiesling" , "Nightwulf" and all Mappers from  Editing-Forum of ""
-Thanks to Raptor and CaNNon.
-Thanks for Hosting.

You are not authorized to put this BSP on any CD, your Homepage or distribute it in any way without my explicit permission.

[b]The DOWNLOAD it ONLY from  is allowed[/b]

(c)2002 by **eraser**

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