This Tournament Edition of Frostbite includes several changes to make it more league-friendly: The barb wire on top of the storage wall has...


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This Tournament Edition of Frostbite includes several changes to make it more league-friendly: The barb wire on top of the storage wall has been fixed. The snow should now be fairly easy on the eyes in even the brightest cfgs. I sacrificed the nice fine shadows so that it wouldn't go full bright under vertex lighting. The map is now set at night time. This was done so the snow could be made darker, and it also explains all the lights and lit fireplaces. Spawn selection should work properly for axis now. ie Axis Side will spawn upstairs, and Allied Side will spawn in the garage. The siren has been changed: Will fade out by itself after a few honks. It can no longer be turned off by players; The switch has been replaced by a barrel. The map should now look nice under vertex lighting (no super bright walls). The shape of the transmitter building has been changed slightly to fix the bug where people were getting stuck or falling off the outer ladder. Several more minor changes. See changes.txt for complete list.

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Frostbite Tournament Edition

A multiplayer map for RTCW by Moonkey
Sound work done by Det Pak

Supports mp and sw game modes.
See changes.txt for a list of changes between mp_frostbite and te_frostbite



Place te_frostbite.pk3 in your rtcw/main directory.

If you have either te_frostbite_beta.pk3 or te_frostbite_beta2.pk3 please remove them from your main directory.
This is especially important for server admins. If the beta pk3s aren't removed from the server, it will likely run the beta.pk3 instead of the final version, and players will be kicked for not having the beta pk3.

mp_frostbite.pk3 and te_frostbite.pk3 should be able to coexist with no problems.


Story by Det Pak.

December 1944: The Allies are pushing through France towards Germany.
Hitler's counterattack on the Allied offensive is to bring in the "Panzer" tiger tanks.
The Allies are wanting to strangle the counter offensive by cutting off the fuel supply lines to the panzer units from the Axis' hidden fuel depots.
The Allies have discovered a base with the depot locations and destination routes.Your mission is to get in..steal the documents and transmit from the Axis radio located near the base.The weather is at it's worst,the cold is extreme..but you must succeed at all costs..and aviod the Frostbite!


Previous maps by Moonkey.



Thanks to:
Det Pak for bringing the map to life with sound, and ideas for touching up the map.
Team dot for supporting and promoting the map.
GameArena and Kiwiwolf for using frostbite in their tournaments
All the beta testers
Everyone who played mp_frostbite ;D

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