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GamePulse queries your favorite Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) and Enemy Territory (ET) game servers. It retrieves information such as server status, ping, map, connected players, and other server variables. Alerts can be generated to flash the system tray icon, play an audio wave file, and popup a small window telling you the server and players that have connected. This allows you to jump in on the fun as soon as a game gets started!

Alerting is the coolest feature about GamePulse which will trigger both visual and audio cues to notify you that a server has new players. The system tray icon will flash, your selected wave file plays, and a small popup similar to the one you'd find in Windows Messenger prompts you with the server name and list of current players.

The application has a simplified layout providing you with a graphical status of each server--black (unknown), red (error), yellow (server has no players), or green (server has active players). There is absolutely no spyware in this software.

This software is free for users that only want to monitor up to 5 servers. For more information please go to

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Author: sigint 


Unzip GamePulse to any directory you want, for example: c:\games\gamepulse
Run the GamePulse.exe program which you can configure to startup on boot.


  Click File/Add Server and type in the IP address and port number for 
  the game server you want to monitor.  Selecting the GameType will 
  allow you to connect directly to the server from GamePulse.
  If you click the Alert checkbox then anytime the server goes from a
  empty (yellow icon) to containing players (green icon) you will receive
  an audio notice and an alert window will popup from the system tray
  giving you server name and players.  
  Click File/Preferences to modify your GamePulse settings.  If you have
  registered, you can enter your registration key here.  If you wish to
  monitor extra server variables, add them to the comma delimeted vars list.
  If you want a custom wave file to play add it to the Sound File (full path)
  by clicking the browse button.  Add your RTCW and ET program locations if
  you wish to connect directly to a server.  Enter the number of minutes to
  refresh the server list.  Check the start program on boot if you wish 
  GamePulse to start everytime your computer powers up.  
  Right click the server name in the list and click either edit or delete
  to modify or delete your server entry.
  Right click the server name in the list and click Copy Server Address. 
  You will then be able to paste the IP:Port into another application
  by clicking CTRL-V or paste.
  Click refresh from the main menu to requery all servers in your list.  Right
  clicking a server and clicking refresh will refresh just that selected server.
  Doing a selective refresh will provide a more accurate ping reading.

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