This is a very good looking and big map by Tunnleram and TiCaL. Weighting almost 12 megs it can offer some nice waiting time for the modeme...


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This is a very good looking and big map by Tunnleram and TiCaL. Weighting almost 12 megs it can offer some nice waiting time for the modemers. But it should be worth it.

Objective Overview: Allied forces hijack an Axis supply train in an attempt to break into their compound and destroy their power generators.

Generator is an origional that is a change from the official maps. Its not a small map, but there arn't really any large areas like the official maps. Its has a lot or rooms, corridors, some outdoor areas and places that make good cover and hiding spots. Because of this it doesnt seem like a good map for sniping, but flamethrowers and venoms should have a good time :)

The architecture is similar to the official maps and feels a lot like them in parts, the textures are just as good, also this map used textures from kingpin and sounds from DoD which explains the download size.

Replayability. Like most maps it will get dull after a while, but only time will tell how long that will be....

Overall Generator is a quality map, but to see how it will look compared to other user made maps we will have to wait because so far this is the only one.

Reviewed by Nasher

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Download '' (11.56MB)

Title                   : Generator
Filename                :
Author(s)               : AI_Tunnleram & TiCal
Release Date            : 3:34 AM 11/21/2001
Email Address           : &                                    
Home Page               :
Game                    : Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer
File size               : 11.6Mb


* Construction *

Map base                : New Map
Custom textures		: Textures from Kingpin, Theneler made the main                              flag texture (swastika_plain02.tga), D."Dents"                             Hopkins (german.tga)
Custom sounds		: Sounds from Kingpin, Day of Defeat
Prefabs used            : Generator frames originally from Kingpin
Editors used            : GTK Radiant 1.1.1
Other utilities used    : GTK Build, other misc. utilities
Known bugs              : None, email me if you find any


* Play Information *

- Make sure you have the Return to Castle Wolfenstein full version     installed.
- Install the PK3 to your X:\Return to Castle Wolfenstein folder where X =   the path to your RTCW installation. 

* Description *

This is our first RTCW map and the first custom RTCW map released for RTCW that we know of. We originally released this map in alpha form during the RTCW Multiplayer Test 2 but production was stopped by ID for violating EULA. At the time of release there were no editors released for RTCW, no support or resources for this.


* Other maps by author *

No others for RTCW (yet), but maps for Quake 3 and Kingpin can be found at


* Thanks to *

ID software, Xatrix, Nerve Software, & Grey Matter. Also special thanks to Theneler & D."Dents" Hopkins for the flag textures, everyone who played the map in alpha and gave feedback that helped us solve issues, and Marty Stratton for not resorting to violence :-)

* Copyright / Permissions *

This level is (c) by TRAM Design (2001). All rights reserved.

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission!

You MAY distribute this PK3 and associated files through the (internet, 
FTP, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive 

Enjoy and thank you.
AI_Tunnleram & TiCal

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