Hell Mappack 2



Another released by Ronboy for RTCW also called Remake of Hell_Mappack.



Maps: hell_lab, hell_crypt, hell_end
Author: Mike Smith
Remake of Hell_Mappack
Instructions: Extract all files to rtcw folder and play with shortcut and enjoy.
Custom Sounds: Yes-2
Custom Music: Yes-2
Custom Models: Yes-4
Custom Textures: No
Credits: Eugeny and Vicpas @ the Splash Damage Forums for helping me with this mappack, and anyone else I might have missed.
Editor: Gtk Radiant 1.4.0
Build time: About 5 to 6 weeks.
Known bugs: None
Compile Machine: Microsoft Windows Xp Home Edition Service Pack 3 with intel celeron, 2.93GHz, with 760 MB of RAM.
Email: [email protected]
Mission: Our spies have reported that the Germans have set up a lab near an underground tunnel. The Germans are taking coffins out of the tunnel, and experimenting on the zombies in the coffins.
The Germans are also taking various treasures from the tunnel. Your orders are to infiltrate the lab, and stop the Germans. They cannot be allowed to continue disturbing the dead from their sleep.
Be careful, our spies also report that some lopers are at the lab.
				Good Luck, B.J.
				OSA Headquarters

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