Konzentration Lager

README.TXT Konzentration Lager (mp_lager)


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README.TXT Konzentration Lager (mp_lager)


Take the .pk3 from the .zip file and place in your ..\Return To Castle Wolfenstein\Main\. That's it! You're ready to play

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Map Overview:

Allied forces have invaded a German concentration camp and are trying to obtain camp records that would incriminate the German government for the attrocities they commited against their prisoners. The Axis must prevent the Allies from obtaining the records. The only way for the Axis to stop the Allies from escaping is to destroy the Allied escape truck. Stay away from the electric fence!!


-duel objective -small map -up to 14 V. 14 spawn

Developer: HuggyBear (a.k.a. Ryan Brantley) contact: ryanbrantley@bellsouth.net

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